VIDEO: Psalm One’s “Woman At Work”

Brand new video by one of the best female MC’s out there today, Psalm One, who will be featured in my forthcoming hip-hop cookbook, Which Is My Favorite Dish?, which I’m still putting together right now.

The song is from Psalm One’s forthcoming album, Woman At Work Vol. 3, due out via Rhymesayers.

SOME STUFFS: New book on Atmosphere and Rhymesayers Records

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7 Years with Atmosphere and Rhymesayers is a forthcoming book by Dan Monick about the rap duo who have been able to do a lot of daring things throughout their music, and the label who were able to provide an outlet for both Slug and Ant.

The book, to be released on September 1st by Gingko Press, looks at the success of Atmosphere and Rhymesayers from a fan’s point of view, not only from Monick but by fans who have made them hip-hop champions.

SOME STUFFS: Artwork and packaging for new Freeway & Jake One CD revealed
Haven’t bought a CD in, I don’t know, ages? Buying hard copy means missing the packaging that some artists and labels support. Case in point: the forthcoming Freeway & Jake One collab album on Rhymesayers, Stimulus Package. This is up there with the original packaging for Alice Cooper‘s Billion Dollar Babies album.

(Video link courtesy of Brainchild.)

SOME STUFFS: Rosie Perez gets more than the ice cube treatment with new album by Felt

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Does Slug ever rest? Damn. He and MURS have united together once again as Felt, and along with Aesop Rock they have created a new installment in the Felt series and are calling it Felt 3: A Tribute To Rosie Perez (Rhymesayers). The album is due out on November 17th, so mark that on your calendar and make sure you have enough kala to buy multiple copies as stocking stuffers.

BTW – is it me or does this album cover look like it could be a missing half of a very familiar cover from the 1970’s?
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Just a thought.

SOME STUFFS: Rhymesayers signs Evidence to 3-album deal

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He goes by the name of Evidence and for years he has been one-third of the almighty Dilated Peoples. Well, they’re almighty to me even though over the years they have managed to sell under a million records. Nonetheless, he has done some cameos over the years and dropped a solo album two years ago. But as of now, Evidence calls Rhymesayers home, for he has been signed to the label for a 3-album deal.

The deal will begin with the 2010 release of his sophomore release, Cats & Dogs, which he is working on right now. From now until then he is sheduled to open for Brother Ali for his Fresh Air Tour. With luck, it will also mean more collaborations with other Rhymesayers artists.

SOME STUFFS: Aceyalone no longer lonely with forthcoming tour package

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With the release of a new album from Aceyalone, Aceyalone And The Lonely Ones (Decon), he’s ready to go on tour and he’s bringing Haiku D’Etat along with him, joining Abstract Rude and Myka 9 for what will no doubt be a good tour. It begins on May 5th in Santa Cruz, California, check the poster graphic above for all confirmed dates.