FREE MP3 DOWNLOAD: Brother Jack McDuff’s “Oblighetto (Platurn Scenario Edit)”

When Brother Jack McDuff recorded “Oblighetto” during the first week of December 1969, little did he know how his song would be used 22 years later, 50 miles west of where it was originally recorded.

Roughly 3000 miles away, or a two-day drive to the West, specifically in the Bay Area, is one DJ Platurn, who has seen and heard the impact of the use of “Oblighetto” in A Tribe Called Quest’s “Scenario” in the last 21 years. As someone who has made some very good remixes and edits, the moment I read his post about an “Oblighetto” edit, I had to hear it. Jazz purists may frown upon the dissection of any song, but I like what is done here: it seems to focus on the better portions of the original song, makes it palatable so that a hip-hop fan will recognize it, and arguably is far better than the original 45 edit released 42 years ago. Have a listen.

RECORD CRACK: 1965 Elvin Jones album to get audiophile treatment, courtesy Analogue Productions

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Elvin Jones, along with Charlie Mariano, Richard Davis, Roland Hanna, and Elvin’s brother Hank, went into a recording studio in 1965 and offered a friendly note to John Coltrane. The end result was the great Dear John C., originally released on Impulse. Analogue Productions will now be releasing the album for the audiophile market 46 years after its original release.

Dear John C. will be pressed up as a double 45rpm release on 180g vinyl, and is scheduled for release around February 2011. Considering the price for this new pressing (anywhere between $45 to $65), normal record buyers may find a need to save up or try to find an older pressing. Again, the album is being presented for the first time as a double LP at 45rpm, so if quality is a must, make sure to widen the hole in your checkbook or PayPal account for this one.