VIDEO: Risley’s “Time Was Slow”

Risley photo Risley_old_zpshircfsyr.jpg
While this video, shot on 8mm film by Tony Shilling, is meant to look straight out of 1993 or so, you can easily say this would fit in with the innocence of Portland, Oregon of 2016, or the innocence some say is slowly fading away. Then again, if you head to any part of Portland, you’ll see teenagers rocking their Bad Brains and Operation Ivy T-shirts so this video from Risley is very much now as it was back then. The song is taken from the band’s debut album that is meant to reflect at ones youth, a reflection that is sure to be felt by anyone who is looking forward to getting older and wiser. Michael Deresh and Travis Stanek were able to find a group of actual friends who weren’t afraid to participate in this music video and it’s a nice piece, from whatever perspective you view it.

Time Was Slow from Michael Deresh on Vimeo.

FREE MP3 DL: Risley’s “Kill The Clock”

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Portland’s Risley have finally released their new album, one that has been anticipating by a few for awhile, and now you can expand that “few” to “a helluva lot”. This is the debut that has 22 songs, so a lot of music to get into and here’s one of them, titled “Kill The Clock”. This one is available to download for free too, while supplies last.

SOME STUFFS: Risley hold record release party in Portland tonight

Risley photo Risley_old_zpshircfsyr.jpg
A few weeks ago I shared with you a video from Portland’s Risley featuring a few segments of songs from their new album. Their self-titled debut will be out in two weeks, February 26th to be precise, and this baby will feature 22 songs so they didn’t bother saying “let’s edit this song to something more compact.” They wanted to fill it and they did so you’ll have to anticipate it for just two weeks. You can listen to a song from it called “Warpaint On”, which you can download for free while supplies last:

If you’re in or near Portland tonight, be sure to head to Mississippi Studios (3939 N. Mississippi) for their album release show where they’ll be joined with Fog Father and Sunbathe. Doors open at 8pm, show will begin at 9pm or so, for more information please head to Mississippi Studio’s website.

SOME STUFFS: Risley is the supergroup of Portland in 2016

Risley photo Risley_old_zpshircfsyr.jpg
If you’re familiar with such groups as Tea For Julie, Genders, Typhoon, The Priory, Sunbathe, Paper Brain, Poison Beaches, and Moonchild, then you must reside in or near Portland, Oregon or are a passionate fan of the music scene there. A few members of these groups have formed yet another group, and I’d like to introduce you to Risley. Collectively they have written and recorded what seems like thousands of songs but to make it safe, let’s just say “in the high hundreds.” They wrote and recorded a mess of material as Risley and somehow managed to choose 22 songs that were good enough for their debut album, which will be released by Lamplight Records on February 26th. Have a listen to this preview from the self-titled album, a video of which represents the Portland of the 1990’s that Portlandia doesn’t dare share with you but it takes a look back at the great city that once was, and in many ways still is.

RISLEY PREVIEW REEL 2 from Michael Deresh on Vimeo.