RECORD CRACK: Rob Walmart offers a triple play

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Even though she’s not on the album, Rihanna somehow appears on the new album by Rob Walmart in spirit. Then again, if you’re named Rob Walmart, you can pretty much have anyone you want on your album if you try.

Walmart is an artist from Portland who just released the 3-record set Everybody Hurts (Marriage), and for all you know, this is music that tickles. Walmart creates experimental electronic music that at times can be funky, sometimes may remind you of interplanetary hip-hop, and other times you’re in the listening experience for the sake of hearing more. There’s a lot of uncertainty in what he creates, and he likes it that way.

You can buy the album, and download three full-length MP3’s from the album, by clicking here. If you really want to show support, you can also purchase a Rob Walmart/Lionel Richie T-shirt and other clothes of interest.