REVIEW: Corina Corina’s “Come Again” (EP)

Corina Corina photo Corinax2CA_cover_zps2554b0e6.jpg It is nice when an artist uses continuity between songs and projects. Case in point: the new EP by Corina Corina is called Come Again, which features remixes of songs from her album, The Eargasm. In other words, if you were able to obtain pleasure with the album, you may be able to have it again with revisions of the familiar.

The EP features remixes by Deto-22, Willie Green, and Fancois Merryweather, each one enhancing the groove of Corina Corina’s voice and the original mixes. One of the benefits of this EP is that it gives a chance for these songs to be more concentrated, sometimes with slight editing and arrangements, and by Corina Corina herself to be placed in a different musical template, it may offer a chance for her to be heard in a way that may have been overlooked. Come Again could have easily been turned into a full length album but for now, consider this a temporary stop before she moves towards her next project.

FREE MP3 DL: Corina Corina featuring Roc Doogie’s “Express Train (Extended Mix)”

Corina Corina
Corina Corina has plans on making 2013 a great year for her and her music, and it’s off to a great start with this extended mix of “Express Train” featuring Roc Doogie, with production from Dirt E. Dutch. It’s a new mix of the song from her album The Eargasm. Download it while supplies last.

REVIEW: Roc Doogie’s “Roc Paper Scissors”

Photobucket Beats, rhymes, and life. Or in this case “eternal life”, as those who love hip-hop are always following a sound that they hope will last forever, or as long as they live. Once you are hooked by a sound of vibe, it’s not about looking for more of the same, but hearing how many ways you are able to manipulate it to balance things nicely. This album by Roc Doogie could have easily been found in a shoebox you found in your mom’s storage facility, the one you forgot about and had been looking for for years because no one has digitized it on Blogspot yet. In other words, it sounds like an album recorded in a basement at 4am with nothing but a bowl of Rice Chex, beer, and a close-to-expired can of cocktail peanuts. The lyrics flow out beautifully and with craft, and it’s not just in one verse or song, but on every song on Roc Paper Scissors. He knows how to flip words and phrases to be said one way, but ends up becoming something else by the time you reach the end of the line/sentence, and paragraph/verse.

I’ve always felt that sometime in the 1990’s, hip-hop divided itself for selfish reasons. One half wanted to stunt its own growth, while those who were growing were more than willing to grow further and age gracefully. Roc Doogie is about maturity, understanding that being young and youthful is one thing, but making music as if you were worth a tax refund check is what everyone should aspire to, and Roc aspires. Proud to know music like this exists, may this spread to those who need to hear it, and everyone who is ignorant of what’s better.

VIDEO: The Protege featuring Deto-22’s “No Pressure”

New music, new video from The Protege featuring Deto-22. The track was produced by Sketch The Cataclysm while the video was done by Arjen Noordeman. I’m liking this a lot. See if you can spot cameos from Sketch Tha Cataclysm, Roc Doogie, and Othello,