AUDIO: Meyhem Lauren featuring Action Bronson, Roc Marciano & Big Body Bes’ “Bonus Round”

Meyhem Lauren will be dropping an album very soon and not only that, it’s a freebie. Yes, a free album called Piatto D’Oro and one of the songs has some serious guests: Action Bronson, Roc Marciano, Big Body Bes, and check this, the song in question is produced by Harry Fraud. It’s called “Bonus Round” and it may offer you a bonus mound, if you know what I mean. Download this soon, while supplies last.

FREE MP3 DL: Saga featuring Roc Marciano’s “City Streets”

Saga photo SagaMC_old_zpspdomhpg0.jpg
At first when I heard that Saga would be involved in a hip-hop song, I thought “the old progressive rock band from Canada called Saga, who had songs like “Don’t Be Late” and “On The Loose”?” In this case no, for this Saga is a Brooklyn rapper who is ready to make a name for himself in his own right and can he make a song as great as one of the best songs of the 1980’s, Saga’s “On The Loose”? It’s possible if his forthcoming EP, produced entirely by Marco Polo. gets any attention, and it should. Be on the lookout for From Out Of The Shadows and right now, listen to find out what he has to say about the “City Streets”, then realize he’s creating his own saga for the future.

FREE DL: Apollo Brown featuring Roc Marciano’s “Lonely & Cold”
The cover looks cinematic with its ode to an old soundtrack album, but Apollo Brown is able and capable of making that possible without myths or false promotion. “Lonely & Cold” is something that will appear on Apollo Brown’s new album Thirty Eight and to promote it, he obtained Roc Marciano to drop wisdom and vocal duties so have a listen, then a seat, and then enjoy.

AUDIO: Sean Price & M-Phazes featuring Roc Marciano & DJ Devastate’s “Murdah Type Thinkin'”

 photo SeanPriceMPhazes_cover_zpsd2dca184.jpg
In preparation of the release of their Land of the Crooks EP, Sean Price and M-Phazes are allowing a stream of “Murdah Type Thinkin'” to make the rounds. If you’re a fan of both Roc Marciano and DJ Devastate, you’re going to like this song twice is much because they’re in it too. As for that EP, you can hear it in full next week Tuesday when it is released on December 17th.

FREE DL: Hus Kingpin featuring Marvelous Mag & Sepka Nitah’s “Game Of Life”

 photo HusKingpin_cover_zpsb2f0f93c.jpg
Hus Kingpin hails from NYC and his new album on Mello Music Group is called The Cognac Tape. He is so devoted to the cognac, that he was able to get the album pressed on cognac-colored vinyl. You’re now able to listen to a track from it called “Game Of Life”, and this isn’t a game to play with. Otherwise, it could play you. Marvelous Mag and Sepka Nitah are also devoted to the cause of Hus, and tying everything together is Roc Marciano. If you need a reason to download the tune, check out the video as well.

FREE DL: 14KT featuring Roc Marciano’s “Live From Pimpstead”

 photo 14KT_old_zpsc1c31166.jpg
“Nickel & Dimed is what is new from 14KT, and also new for you may be a song where he brought in Roc Marciano for a double dose of lyrical goodness. The song? “Live From Pimpstead”. Here’s to living.

But wait, there’s more. A vinyl pressing has been made for Nickel & Dimed which comes with a bonus 7″. Now… here’s to living. Cheers.

REVIEW: MidaZ The Beast’s “AU: Another Universe”

 photo MidaZ_cover_zpse820a255.jpg Doozy.

That’s one word to use to describe MidaZ The Beast’s AU: Another Universe (HiPNOTT), and it’s because after a few years of dropping verses, making cameos and whatnot here and there, we’re getting a chance to hear what MidaZ is truly about and as for him being The Beast, if the name fits, use it. He has the kind of style that fits in with mid to late 90’s hip-hop, the laid back dude who is secure about what he rhymes and how he does it (along the lines of Common), along with that old school rah rah spirit that might bring to mind M.O.P. It’s nice to hear someone who is also confident enough to give people something different with every other songs, too many people are afraid to rap in a different style, as if it’s a shock tactic or something to be heard in a manner other than the initial manner. “Icing On The Cake” sounds nothing like “Mind Control”, which sounds nothing like the track he does with Ms. Mylodic, “Self Actualization”, and on and on and on. The listener initially gets familiar with what MidaZ is all about, but then that goes away when it’s realize he’s about more than one thing. One of the best tracks here is “Seeing Is Believing”, which features Sabac red and the great Blueprint, and the union between the three is just right, no complaints here.

By the end, it’s obvious MidaZ is about a lot of different things, which to me means someone who is willing to offer and share variety, just as he most likely has different interests. He might turn his music inside out with his next efforts, but one can’t say “I was shocked he did that, that one was a huge surprise”. Be open to the possibilities, and perhaps MidaZ has the golden touch that will make many of those possibilities turn into more jewels/joys of/in music. The album is called AU: Another Universe, Au also stands for the element of gold, his name is MidaZ. Understand this.

FREE DL: Hus Kingpin “Strive”

ft. Roc Marciano & Smoovth
 photo HusKingpin_cover_zps411f3b97.jpg
Mello Music Group are ready to release The Cognac Tape by Hus Kingpin, but patience will come to those who wait, and the label are making everyone wait. For now, they’re dropping one song from the album called “Strive” (produced by Foka), and it features Roc Marciano and Smoovth, neither of whom get upset.

As for the Tape in question, September 17th is when you can pop it in the deck.

AUDIO: Zilla Rocca & The Shadowboxers featuring Roc Marciano’s “Young Blood”

Zilla Rocca photo ZillaRocca_cover_zps76db201d.jpg
Has-Lo had a hand in getting Roc Marciano to do a track with Zilla Rocca & The Shadowboxers, and while some will call that “special techniques”, I like to call it the assemblage of “Young Blood”. Listen to it, as it is part of the bigger assemblage Zilla is calling Stormy Monday

REVIEW: Czarface’s “Inspectah Deck + 7L & Esoteric =”

 photo Czarface_cover_zps037c7392.jpg Wonder Twin powers, activate. Form of some fly shit!

Inspectah Deck, 7L & Esoteric have been creating great hip-hop music for decades and for the first time, they are bringing

their talents togeter as one force. Their unit name is Czarface, and their debut album as a group is easily one of the hot gems of the moment. Personally, Inspectah Deck is up there for me with Method Man, Ghostface, and The Genius as monarchs of the Wu-Tang Clan, and while his solo work was released on a major label, I feel it was released a bit too late in the game. However, that mess-up allowed him to be admired by underground hip-hop heads. 7L & Esoteric are some of Boston’s best, and who thought Esoteric would be doing a full album with the INS? Who dreamed 7L would be on the boards to produce a full album with him? The equation leads to the solution, and what a solution it is.

Musically, this is an incredibly funky album, utilizing the best in jazz, soul, funk, and rock to create a vibe that almost sounds claustrophobic but within that is the sound of freedom. With the comic book-style album cover, one can listen to it as if one is going through the pages of their favorite story, waiting for their heroes to save the way. If you wish to turn these heroes into the saviors of hip-hop, feel free. Inspectah’s rhymes still have the kind of flow and charm that makes him great, and then to have Esoteric as his right hand man just shows that with patience, you can find a way to save the world through words and music. As for that music, it definitely has a 90’s feel to it, back when musical cues offered a chance to not only cite influences, but help become part of the story within the song. You get a chance that everything fits for a reason, and like a family reunion, you’ll find a reason (for things) to belong. You’ll hear samples that may be familiar but haven’t been overused, or samples that will make you go “there’s no MP3 for that on any blog.” Good.

Add to that the special guests: Oh No, Action Bronson, Vinnie Paz, the amazing Roc Marciano, the superfresh Cappadonna and the doper-than-dope Ghostface, and it will make older listeners feel like the era between 1993-1997 kept on going. In truth, it never died, it just went into hiding. Now it’s time for it to rise once more to attack the naysayers.