VIDEO: DoubleMe’s “Ignorance”

Here’s an interesting twist: a German band currently living in Los Angeles who combine country with heavy metal. Some nice country rock here courtesy of DoubleMe, whose debut album was released two months ago and from it is a video called “Ignorance”.


VIDEO: PawnShop Kings’ “Fall Apart”

Scott and Joel Owen are two brothers from California who would like for you to get familiar with their music under their collective monitor, the PawnShop Kings. They have a 4-song EP out now, which you may stream over at their website, but you may want a hint of what they’re about before checking out the rest of it. “Fall Apart” is primarily meant to be one of those “lyric videos” I tend to avoid here, but it’s also a proper video, at least in the background. A 2-for-1 deal? Maybe.