VIDEO: Romaro Franceswa’s “The Big Payback”

Heading 200 miles west down the I-90 leads me to the 206, and when I say 206 I speak of the area code of Seattle, which is the home of Romaro Franceswa. What I see is a hip-hop video with nuns, so all my attention is paid on it and the song “The Big Payback”. Oh wait: there’s cocaine in this. Oh wait, now the nuns are head nodding. YES! Seattle’s diversity continues to reveal itself, and Romaro Franceswa understands what it means to become the cream of the crop. Bean One produced this morsel, no cookies involved.

VIDEO: Fearce Vill’s “Way of Life”

From Dyme Def comes Fearce Vill, offering up the very nice “Way Of Life” with the “Amen Brother” 45 placed on 33 so it can sound like N.W.A’s “Straight Outta Compton”, but this is a new vibe for a new era. Get used to it.

When the song fades out at about 3:45, you’ll see a second track by someone new: Romaro Franceswa. His “Prodigy” track is a representation of the Yuk The World collective, so you get a 2-in-1 deal, with both tracks being produced by BeanOne.