REVIEW: ESH The Monolith & Arc’s “Nightworks” (EP)

Esh The Monolith & Arc photo EshArc_cover_zps3779ec67.jpg With every project ESH The Monolith comes out with, it feels like you’ve been through a half marathon and you may feel exhausted and drenched. He does it again in this new collabrative EP with producer The Arcitype (b/k/a Arc), and as ESH says in “Hertz Donut”, “it hurts, don’t it?” Get it?

Nightworks is an EP featuring wicked lyrics done with a sick flow, written and performed by someone who does things as a supreme battle rapper, one who will continue to battle you even if he has won or lost the fight. Arc’s production is incredibly tight too, and with some help from Romen Rok, Fran-P, and Ceschi, this is a project that deserves a lot of attention. If these five songs do not result in a full length album, I don’t know. There must be more and if not, make more, gunfunnit.