REVIEW: Yves Lambert Trio’s “Laissez courir les chiens”

Yves Lambert Trio photo YvesLambert_cover_zps86hfkwpo.jpg I’ll be honest: upon listening to Laissez courir les chiens (La PrĂ»che Libre) by Yves Lambert Trio, I understood the wonderfuk folk music but I wasn’t sure what language I was listening to but I learned they are a French Canadian folk group who do this for the love of the music, French culture, Canadian culture, and staying true to the strength of roots and community. I’m unable to hear the music and know what they’re singing about but the press release states they are politically minded and their songs offer a sense of history that helps to bring people to the past in order to get into the future. I would love to know what they’re singing about but the passion heard is evident in any language.