SOME STUFFS: Ruckazoid releases new EP on DJ Shadow’s Liquid Amber label

Released today is Scratchgod I, a new EP by Ruckazoid who has been described as a “vocalist, innovator, turntablist, producer, and inventor” but if you know who he is and what he has done over the years, I don’t need to explain. It’s the latest release on DJ Shadow’s label Liquid Amber and is available on vinyl and can be downloaded for free above. The record will be in your hands on or around March 20th, so only a week’s time.

VIDEO: Breakbot featuring Ruckazoid’s “Fantasy”

This song sounds like it comes from the vault of good times. The hook in the verses sound like it was borrowed from Teena Marie‘s “Square Biz”, and the rest of it sounds like Michael Jackson just squirted out his loveliness. Let’s face it, if MJ was alive right now and he made music as good as this, people would call this THE long awaited comeback. Instead, we have it courtesy of Breakbot. Dig in, fiends.