VIDEO: Ruslan’s “Good Morning”

It has been awhile since I heard from Ruslan or TheBREAX but I’m glad he has come to my attention with the release of his new video, where he tells me, you, and the rest of the world “Good Morning”. Produced by DJ Rek, the video was shot in New York with director Chris Aran. The song comes from his latest album, Carry On, and like Crosby, Stills, Nash & Young, he is.

Also, I learned that “Good Morning” is the third single from Carry On but I didn’t even know this was released. This is probably why I haven’t featured him since late 2011. Now you (and I) know.


TheBREAX have returned with new music for 2011, and this one is in the form of a mixtape that actually works as a proper album too, and they’re calling it BREAX Over, hosted by DJ Wade-O, which makes its debut to the world on January 19, 2011. The group, after a number of solo and side projects, continue to evolve with songs show their growth and development as artists, with a passion for the music and the lyrics, which continues to be on the positive side without sacrificing their spirituality, There are some incredible songs on this one, and I can’t recommended any more than I am right here. Plus, it’s free. Try this out, and then explore their back catalog. Also check out the official TheBREAX Facebook page and keep track about their latest adventures, or open up communication to collaborate with them. Now, click the link.

ALTERNATE LINK (Hotfile) (117.2mb)

REVIEW: Ruslan’s “Right Out Loud (The Prequel EP)”

Image and video hosting by TinyPic I am just trying to be who I am
Stand for what I believe, I’ll believe what I’ll stand
I can show you what I have planned
Hopefully it pans out, oh they’ll understand
I’ll understand, I hope that you’ll understand
No pedestal needed, I’m just a man
I’ll understand, I’m hoping you’ll understand
No pedestal needed, listen, I’m just a man

On this solo album by TheBREAX member Ruslan, he tells his life story in “Intro” where he talks about where he’s from, who influenced him the most, his mission in life and music, and what he might be doing if music ends up not working for him. It’s so honest and genuine that you want to pump your fist and show respect wherever he goes.

While he has a core audience that knows him for his work within a Christian rap group, this new album shows him to be a bit more secular without sacrificing his intent or character. In a track like “Domesitcated”, featuring Braille and Blame One, they each drop verses on what it means to be a father and how one can’t take that for granted. “Custom Fitted” could have easily found a place on albums by Pete Rock or The Jaz, where he’s using various metaphors on his music, telling people how they enjoy hearing about things that aren’t acceptable but he’s going to fight the food fight because this is who he is. There’s also a spoken word sample that touches on how showing a soft side to your persona can be interpreted as something you’re not, a something that has often led to the break-ups of marriages, friendships, and business deals. He touches on a fear that is usually heard in hushed circles, if that, so perhaps those who pay attention will reconfigure their minds.

The guy has a gift of words that sounds nice, it’s not boring and everything he says challenges the last line in the song, it’s the type of power that comes from someone who loves what he does, and someone who loves hip-hop. As for producer DJ Rek, he will do his name many times in the future, pay attention.