SOME STUFFS: Russian Circles add more shows for 10th anniversary tour

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Russian Circles will begin their 10th anniversary tour very soon, celebrating their unity as a group. The tour will go through 2015 and shows will feature such bands as Mutoid Man and Mamiffer. Check out the dates>

December 9, 2014… Hamden, CT (The Ballroom at the Outer Space) *
December 10, 2014… Cambridge, MA (The Sinclair) *
December 11, 2014… Brooklyn, NY (Music Hall of Williamsburg) *
December 12, 2014… Philadelphia, PA (Underground Arts) *
December 14, 2014… Washington, DC (Rock and Roll Hotel) *
December 27, 2014… Denver, CO (Gothic Theater)
January 20, 2015… Seattle, WA (Neumos) #
January 21, 2015… Portland, OR (Wonder Ballroom) #
January 23, 2015…San Francisco, CA (Great American Music Hall) #
January 24, 2015…Los Angeles, CA (The Roxy) #
January 25, 2015…San Diego, CA (Soda Bar) #

* w/ Mutoid Man
# w/ Mamiffer

SOME STUFFS: Russian Circles to head in Canada next month

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Russian Circles are doing shows to promote an album released last fall called Memorial (Sargent House) because it’s damn good, and they feel people need to hear and/or no more. After performing in Ireland and England at the end of the month, they’ll be back in North America for a batch of Canadian shows, which will team The Atlas Moth with them. Head out if you can:

August 11… Chicago, IL (Millennium Park) (FREE Music Series)
August 27… Dublin, IE (Sargent House Label Show @ Button Factory)
August 29… Bristol, UK (ArcTangent Festival)
September 13… London, ON (Rum Runner Room (London Music Hall)) #
September 14… Montreal, QC (Cabaret Mile End) #
September 15… Toronto, ON (Lee’s Place) #
September 18… Winnipeg, MB (Pyramid) #
September 20… Calgary, AB (Palomino) #
September 22… Vancouver, BC (Rickshaw Stop) #
September 24… Edmonton, AB (Pawn Shop) #
September 26… Minneapolis, MN (New Music Festival @ Skyway Theater) **#
September 28… Dallas, TX (Index Festival)

** w/ Deafheaven
# w/ The Atlas Moth

SOME STUFFS: Russian Circles establish tour for early 2014

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Their latest album Memorial (Sargent House) (my review of which can be read here) is one of my favorite albums of 2013, and they’re going to take that music further by going on tour. If you follow my posts about them on the site, it seems they’re always on tour but that’s a good thing, because they’re bringing their music to the people, and more people with each trip. Now you can go with them and check them out live on stage:

February 4, 2014… Iowa City, IA (Gabe’s Oasis) #
February 5, 2014… St. Louis, MO (The Firebird) #
February 7, 2014… Austin, TX (Red 7) #
February 8, 2014… Dallas, TX (Club Dada) #
February 9, 2014… Houston, TX (Fitzgerald’s Upstairs) #
February 10, 2014… New Orleans, LA (The Parish @ House of Blues) #
February 11, 2014… Tallahassee, FL (Rehab) #
February 12, 2014… Orlando, FL (Will’s Pub) #
February 13, 2014… Tampa, FL (The Orpheum) #
February 14, 2014… Birmingham, AL (WorkPlay Theatre) #
February 15, 2014… Atlanta, GA (The Earl) #
February 17, 2014… Carrboro, NC (Cat’s Cradle) #
February 18, 2014… Washington DC (The Rock and Roll Hotel) #
February 19, 2014… Philadelphia, PA (Underground Arts) #
February 20, 2014… New York, NY (Bowery Ballroom) #
February 21, 2014… Cambridge, MA (The Middle East Downstairs) #
February 22, 2014… Brooklyn, NY (Saint Vitus) #
February 23, 2014… Pittsburgh, PA (Altar Bar) #
February 24, 2014… Cleveland Heights, OH (Grog Shop) #
February 25, 2014… Ann Arbor, MI (Blind Pig) #
February 27, 2014… Minneapolis, MN (Triple Rock Social Club) #
February 28, 2014… Omaha, NE (The Waiting Room) #
March 1, 2014… Englewood, CO (Gothic Theatre) #
March 2, 2014… Salt Lake City, UT (Urban Lounge) #
March 3, 2014… Boise, ID (Neurolux) #
March 4, 2014… Seattle, WA (Neumo’s) *
March 5, 2014… Portland, OR (Wonder Ballroom) *
March 7, 2014… San Francisco, CA (Great American Music Hall) *
March 9, 2014… San Diego, CA (The Casbah) *
March 10, 2014… Los Angeles, CA (El Rey Theatre) *
March 12, 2014… Phoenix, AZ (The Crescent Ballroom) *
March 13, 2014… Albuquerque, NM (Launchpad) *
March 14, 2014… Oklahoma City, OK (The Conservatory) *
March 15, 2014… Kansas City, MO (The Record Bar) *
March 16, 2014… Chicago, IL (Metro) *

# w/ Ken Mode, Inter Arma
* w/ Helms Alee, Ken Mode

REVIEW: Russian Circles’ “Memorial”

 photo RussianCirclesM_cover_zps251d8812.jpg What I love about Russian Circles is how they’re able to completely let themselves go, escape their own human boundaries and just play ruthlessly as if they don’t give a fuck, but they do. Memorial (Sargent House) is an album that is so packed with powerful guitar and bass riffs, you’ll want to modify your arm so you can play your own riffs at any given times. They’re playing hard rock, heavy metal, hints of progressive rock and metal, doing some cool things with tempos and moods, and all of this done without the aid of a vocalist so everything you feel is similar to the good parts you might find on a progressive rock album. It’s everything in between, but taken to new levels, or at least new in terms of this being a new Russian Circles album. A song like “Deficit” may sound somewhat delicate at first but once it falls off the cliff, the listener is on a slow motion ride down to the floor until you’re crushed by the greatness. The drone that begins “1777” sounds close to the segue way between Pink Floyd’s “The Narrow Way” parts 2 and 3, and when the drums come in and the guitar zooms through the echo chamber, it sounds passionate, victorious, or merely the first step towards a very long journey in the cold. In fact, some of this music reminded me of a cool feeling, and I wondered if I was associating it with the cover photo or just because it sounded like a mental struggle. “1777” takes almost 7 1/2 minutes to get its message across and once it reaches its destination, the rest of the album almost comes off as nice anecdotes for each passing, yet the interpretation of the anectodes, the deciphering, makes this a very interesting and moving listen. Some of it may sound like a choir or monks chanting in a choir, other times there are classical passages that sound right with heavy guitar and bass, but as the album moves along, you feel yourself moving along with the struggle before you learn that the struggle is merely life moving along in its own way. What the “memorial” signifies, I don’t know. Does it mean we’re dealing with life’s struggle before we eventually end up at a memorial we can never see ourselves, or are we just congratulating those who are able to make it through this existence in one piece? These are the things that came to mind as I’m listening to this music, as if the sound is a wall that becomes an unspoken barrier with the capabilities of translating a language we all understand. We’re all getting there, but how we get there is up to us. We move forward, as Russian Circles always do, and will continue to do for many more years to come.

SOME STUFFS: Russian Circles break out another tune from forthcoming recording

We’re only three weeks away from Russian Circles releasing Memorial (Sargent House) but you now have an opportunity to check out another song from it. This one is called “1777”. which begins with awesome drone before busting into nice drums, before it rips into the sheer power of the band.

As for the band, they will be Europe bound this week, click here to find out where they will be heading to.

SOME STUFFS: Russian Circles and Chelsea Wolfe team up for title track to RC’s forthcoming album

For awhile it seemeds as if Russian Circles were always on tour and it seems that hasn’t stopped. How these guys take time to concentrate to write while balancing it with tours, travels, and life, I do not know, but they love it and they’re about to present the world with a brand new album called Memories (Sargent House). It will be released on the 29th of October and when it came time to put together the title track, it wasn’t too difficult to find someone to collaborate with to give the song something extra. They went to label mate Chelsea Wolfe and asked if she could sing with them, and she agreed. You may now listen to it in full.

Russian Circles and Chelsea Wolfe will be in Europe together for about a month, starting in the Czech Republc:
October 12… Prague, CZ (Meet Factory)
October 13… Linz, AT (Posthof)
October 14… Bologna, IT (Locomotiv Club)
October 15… Zurich, CH (Rote Fabrik)
October 16… Fribourg, CH (Fri-son)
October 18… Barcelona, ES (Apolo)
October 19… Madrid, ES (Shoko Live)
October 20… Porto, PT (Amplifest)
October 21… Bilbao, ES (Kafe Antzokia)
October 23… Paris, FR (Divan Du Monde)
October 24… Brighton, UK (The Haunt)
October 25… Manchester, UK (Gorilla)
October 26… Glasgow, UK (SWG3)
October 27… Dublin, IRE (Button Factory)
October 29… London, UK (Electric Ballroom)
October 30… Gent, BE (Vooruit)
October 31… Karlsruhe, DE (Jubez)
November 1… Utrecht, NI (Tivoli de Helling)
November 2… Koln, DE (Stollwerck)
November 3… Hamburg, DE (Club Logo)
November 6… Helsinki, FIN (Tavastia)
November 7… Oslo, NO (Bla)
November 8… Gothenburg, SE (Truckstop Alaska)
November 9… Copenhagen, DK (KB18)
November 10… Berlin, DE (C- Club)

Wolfe will say her goodbyes to the band, then Russian Circles venture forward with the remainder of their stay in Europe before their inner circle enters Russia:
November 11… Dresden, DE @ Beatpol)
November 13… Vienna, AT @ Szene)
November 14… Budapest, HU @ Durer Kert)
November 15… Belgrade, SR @ Bozidarac)
November 16… Zagreb, HR @ Mochvara Club)
November 17… Munich, DE @ Feierwerk)
November 19… Moscow, RU @ B2)
November 20… St. Petersburg, RU @ Club Zal)

SOME STUFFS: A “Deficit” from Russian Circles is a good thing

 photo RussianCircles13_old_zps5fbe3ef8.jpg
Chicago’s Russian Circles have a brand new album ready to aim at fans called Memorial (Sargent House) but before it is released on the 29th of October, they’d like to share a song from it with you. It’s called “Deficit”, and bassist/keyboardist Brian Cook states “I’m hoping that we can get away with making a schizophrenic record”, in reference to “iPod culture” and how that may affect how some bands write music. Does that mark the perceived death of the album format, or is it the spark to get more out there and thus, “out here”? Maybe “Deficit” can offer an answer or two.

More answers may be offered in the next few months as Russian Circles will be exploring Europe for a bit, including a leg with Chelsea Wolf. For those who seek some answers, clear a day or two by checking this tour dates:

October 12… Prague, CZ (Meet Factory)
October 13… Linz, AT (Posthof)
October 14… Bologna, IT (Locomotiv Club)
October 15… Zurich, CH (Rote Fabrik)
October 16… Fribourg, CH (Fri-son)
October 18… Barcelona, ES (Apolo)
October 19… Madrid, ES (Shoko Live)
October 20… Porto, PT (Amplifest)
October 21… Bilbao, ES (Kafe Antzokia)
October 23… Paris, FR (Divan Du Monde)
October 24… Brighton, UK (The Haunt)
October 25… Manchester, UK (Gorilla)
October 26… Glasgow, UK (SWG3)
October 27… Dublin, IRE (Button Factory)
October 29… London, UK (Electric Ballroom)
October 30… Gent, BE (Vooruit)
October 31… Karlsruhe, DE (Jubez)
November 1… Utrecht, NI (Tivoli de Helling)
November 2… Koln, DE (Stollwerck)
November 3… Hamburg, DE (Club Logo)
November 6… Helsinki, FIN (Tavasti)
November 7… Oslo, NO (Bla)
November 8… Gothenburg, SE (Truckstop Alaska)
November 9… Copenhagen, DK (KB18)
November 10… Berlin, DE (C-Club)

Nov 11… Dresden, DE (Beatpol)
Nov 13… Vienna, AT (Szene)
Nov 14… Budapest, HU (Durer Kert)
Nov 15… Belgrade, SR (Bozidarac)
Nov 16… Zagreb, HR (Mochvara Club)
Nov 17… Munich, DE (Feierwerk)
Nov 19… Moscow, RU (B2)
Nov 20… St. Petersburg, RU (Club Zal)

On top of these dates, they’re already on tour right now with Chelsea Wolf and will be doing an Australasian tour next month, click here for a look at those show dates.

SOME STUFFS: Russian Circles to please Americans, Aussies & Kiwis with a tour

If Russian Circles have done their share of traveling earlier this year (and they have), good for them. They’re about to get more traveling miles for the remaining half of the year, as they plan on not only going through North American on two different legs, but have already created a tour itinerary to spend time again in Australia and New Zealand. They begin next week Monday:

(all dates in this section with And So I Watch You From Afar)
June 18 Winnipeg, MB @ The Park Theatre w/ Indian Handcrafts
June 19 Saskatoon, SK @ Amigos Cantina w/ Indian Handcrafts
June 20 Calgary, AB @ Sled Island Festival w/ Indian Handcrafts & a secret guest
June 22 Vancouver, BC @ Biltmore Cabaret
June 24 Seattle, WA @ Neumos w/ Sandrider
June 25 Portland, OR @ Doug Fir Lounge w/ Crypts
June 27 Sacramento, CA @ Harlow’s w/ Deafheaven
June 28 San Francisco, CA @ Great American Music Hall w/ Deafheaven
June 29 Los Angeles, CA @ El Rey Theatre w/ Chelsea Wolfe & Deafheaven
July 2 Denver, CO @ Bluebird Theater
July 3 Kansas City, MO @ The Riot Room

(all dates in this section with Chelsea Wolfe and Marriages
July 6 Milwaukee, WI @ Cactus Club
July 7 St Louis, MO @ The Firebird
August 8 Louisville, KY @ Vernon Club
August 9 Birmingham, AL @ The Bottletree
August 10 Tallahassee, FL @ Retrofit Records
August 11 Orlando, FL @ Wills Pub
August 12 St. Petersburg, FL @ State Theater
August 13 Jacksonville, FL @ Jack Rabbits
August 14 Atlanta, GA @ The Earl
August 15 Carrboro, NC @ Cat’s Cradle
August Washington, DC @ Rock N Roll Hotel
August 17 Philadelphia, PA @ Union Transfer
August 18 New York, NY @ Highline Ballroom
August 19 Cambridge, MA @ The Middle East (Downstairs)
August 20 Montreal, QC @ Il Motore
August 21 Toronto, ON @ Lee’s Palace
August 22 rand Rapids, MI @ The Pyramid Scheme
August 23 Chicago, IL @ Lincoln Hall
August 24 Minneapolis, MN @ Triple Rock Social Club

(all dates in Australian/New Zealand tour with Eagle Twin
September 26 Newton, AUC, NZ @ Kings Arms Tavern
September 27 Wellington, NZ @ San Francisco Bathhouse
September 28 Melbourne, VIC @ Corner Hotel
September 29 Adelaide, SA @ Fowler’s Live
September 30 Perh, WA @ The Bakery w/ Drowning Horse
October 4 Canberra, ACT @ ANU Bar
October 5 Brisbane, AU @ The Zoo
October 6 Sydney, AU @ The Hi Fi

If you haven’t heard Russian Circles’ Empros album, you can stream it in full via Bandcamp.

SOME STUFFS: Russian Circles to bring Deafheaven to Europe on forthcoming tour

A month ago, Russian Circles announced tour dates for their European tour to begin in April, but now they have announced the band they’re bringing with them to open up: Deafheaven

For full tour itinerary, click here.

SOME STUFFS: Europe/UK tour dates scheduled for Russian Circles

From Chicago to across the pond, Russian Circles are going to do some serious rocking in a few when they go on tour throughout Europe and Great Britian. To say that these guys are going to be busy is putting it somewhere that you probably know so…

Apr 05 – Prague, CZ @ Matrix
Apr 06 – Vienna, AT @ Arena
Apr 07 – Munich, DE @ Feierwerk
Apr 08 – Dresden, DE @ Beatpol
Apr 09 – Berlin, DE @ Festsaal Kreuzberg
Apr 10 – Warsaw, PL @ Hydrozagadka
Apr 11 – Vilnius, LT @ Propaganda
Apr 12 – Riga, LV @ Gertrudes 101
Apr 13 – Tallinn, ES @ Electric Storm Festival at Tapper
Apr 14 – Helsinki, FI @ Virgin Oil Company
Apr 15 – Moscow, RU @ Gogol
Apr 16 – Stockholm, SE @ Strand
Apr 17 – Oslo, NO @ Revolver
Apr 18 – Gothenberg, SE @ Truckstop Alaska
Apr 19 – Copenhagen, DK @ KB 18
Apr 20 – Hamburg, DE @ Hafenklang
Apr 21 – Utrecht, NI @ Tivoli
Apr 22 – Brussels, BE @ Magasin 4
Apr 23 – Esch-Sur-Alzette, LU @ Rockhal
Apr 25 – Glasgow, UK @ Stereo
Apr 26 – Belfast, IE @ Speakeasy
Apr 27 – Limerick, IE @ Dolan’s Warehouse
Apr 28 – Dublin, IE @ Button Factory
Apr 29 – Manchester, UK @ The Ruby Lounge
Apr 30 – London, UK @ Scala Theater
May 02 – Paris, FR @ Point Ephemere
May 03 – Kortrijk, BE @ De Kreun
May 04 – Koln, DE @ Gebaeude 9
May 05 – Karlsruhe, DE @ Jubez
May 06 – Zurich, CH @ Rote Fabrik
May 07 – Geneva, CH @ Le Kab
May 08 – Milan, IT @ Magnolia
May 09 – Lyon, FR @ Le Clacson
May 11 – Bilbao, ES @ Azkena
May 12 – Porto, PT @ Hard Club
May 13 – Lisbon, PT @ Musicbox
May 14 – Madrid, ES @ Ritmo & Compas
May 15 – Barcelona, ES @ Apolo 2

If these shows lead to greater acceptance in North America, you’ll know why.