VIDEO: The White Mandingos’ “Warn A Brotha”

From one of the best albums of 2013 thus far (The Ghetto Is Tryna Kill Me, my review of which can be read by clicking here) comes a brand new visual representation of a sogn by The White Mandingos, called “Warn A Brotha”. Venture forward into their adventure to see and hear where it leads you.

REVIEW: The White Mandingos’ “The Ghetto Is Tryna Kill Me”

 photo WhiteMandingos_coverSML_zps7f29b186.jpg The Ghetto Is Tryna Kill Me (Fat Beats) is an album that speaks about self-identity in a world where everyone wants you to be what they think you are. It’s also an album about testing the limits of identities, simply wanting to enjoy everything life has to offer, even though other people will also have issue on what you enjoy or want to enjoy, everything from music to television shows to politics and life in itself. This is what MURS, Sacha Jenkins, and Darryl Jenifer present as The White Mandingos, a name that is described in one of the tracks as being “a man with a big black penis but a white mentality/sense of being”, and the issues of what it means to be this or that, from here or there, until you’re everywhere and nowhere at the same time.

Parts of this project has been promoted as being a hybrid of hip-hop and punk/hardcore, and that’s present throughout the album. In fact, Jenifer’s Bad Brains influence comes from bouncing back and forth between music that’s hip-hop and sounds that’s more aggressive with a lot of guitar and bass riffs flying around. The album has a loose concept, that of MURS dealing with who he is as a man, living where he’s from and exploring all of the stereotypes that come from not only being a black man, but as a rapper from California. We deal with someone who is faced with the known and accepted differences but wanting to challenge it all. Overall the album is a fun one, but not without social politics being put into play. If you’re familiar with MURS, you know what he’s capable of doing and he does all of it and more. Anyone who feels that hip-hop cannot made bold statements in 2013 will have to listen to this album, which leads to the question of why the ghetto would kill anyone. If it’s not about killing the physical, it’s about killing the mental and how we’re all locked into this thought prisons before we eventually realize there’s much more to us and one another than that. This album demands a lot of attention, and I hope those who will feel this is a means of taking a chance will take more out of it than a chance or two.

VIDEO: The White Mandingos’ “My First White Girl”

Call them super smooth, call them sleazy, call them rockers, call them mockers, they may not mind too much what you call them but acknowledge the existence of The White Mandingos. A costumed approach for “My First White Girl” was used, and now you can see the developed results. As you can see, the white ladies are loving MURS, with or without the cough syrup. Recognize this.

Their album, The Ghetto Is Tryna Kill Me (Fat Beats), was released yesterday.

VIDEO: The White Mandingos’ “Mandingo Rally”

If someone were to ask you “what does a mandingo rally look like?”, how would you respond? What if it was to apply to The White Mandingos? This is their video for the song “Mandingo Rally”, and while this may not be what you had visioned, maybe it’s better. I know it’s better.

Also making itself known is the official album cover artwork for the group’s The Ghetto Is Tryna Kill Me album on Fat Beats, the vinyl pressing of which can be pre-ordered below through Amazon.
The White Mandingos photo WhiteMandingos_cover_zpscbf9d4c3.jpg

AUDIO: The White Mandingos’ “Black Girl Toof”

If you didn’t pick up The White Mandingos 45 they released last week for Record Store Day, you’re now able to listen to its B-side in a digital manner. This track is called “Black Girl Toof”, and it is the truth, on the G side of things.

SOME STUFFS: The White Mandingos share bonus track from forthcoming album

The White Mandingos photo WhiteMandingos_old_zpsee85eb64.jpg
Without an album out in stores yet, The White Mandingos have managed to create a buzz for themselves. It will be another two months before the band release The Ghetto Is Tryna Kill Me (Fatbeats), and it’s not bad for MURS, Darryl Jenifer (Bad Brains) and Sacha Jenkins, who are willing to take a risk on a project like this but not caring (too much) for how it is perceived. Fortunately, there are fans who are ready to hear it in full but for now, they are sharing a bonus track from the album so have a listen to “Rubbertracks Meltdown”.

VIDEO: The White Mandingos “The Ghetto Is Tryna Kill Me”

The White Mandingos.


Daryl Jenifer (of Bad Brains fame).

Sacha Jenkins.

“The Ghetto is Tryna Kill Me”.

Video: Harlem.

Title track of forthcoming album, June 11th.



Soon come.