FREE MP3 DL: DJ Rahdu’s “Pearls: Sade Remixes, Flips & Covers”

DJ Rahdu has assembled a new mix of songs, this time shining the spotlight on and the one and only Sade. It’s not just the hits, but a wide range of songs, which is perhaps why he titled it Pearls: Sade Remixes, Flips & Covers, so perhaps you may not have heard of some of these songs before, at least in this way. There are a number of ways to obtain this free download, click to for more details.

FREE DL: Teck-Zilla’s “Son Of Sade: An Ode”
Sade’s music continues to move people thirty years after some of its origins, and now producer Teck-Zilla is showing the love back with a new album utilizing Sade samples throughout his work called Son Of Sade: An Ode. What an ode it is: eight instrumental songs that show the power of the music of Miss Adu and how she represents herself through the reworks of Teck-Zilla. It’s quite nice, both as an instrumentla album and as something to hear what Teck-Zilla has to offer. Resume tape, indeed.

RECORD CRACK: Sade’s “Stronger Than Pride” receives the audiophile treatment from Audio Fidelity

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Audio Fidelity are about to release a newly remastered version of Sade’s 1986 classic Stronger Than Pride, the album that features “Paradise” “Turn My Back On You”, and my all-time favorite Sade song, “”Nothing Can Come Between Us”. This new 180g pressing will be released on May 6th, will be invidually numbered, and was remastered by Kevin Gray. Considering how great this album is, this new remaster is sure to surpass the original pressing. I’ll post a pre-order link when they’re made available.

FREE MP3 DL: Sade’s “Nothing Can Come Between Us (Pomo Edit)”

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I’d like to think that everyone has at least one favorite Sade song. If so, this one is mine. I like her songs, definitely like the voice and yet this song does it for me. Now you’re able to hear a new mix/edit of it done by Pomo, a producer based out of British Columbia. If you’d like to know more about his work, head to his Facebook page.

FREE MP3 DL: Kisses have a mixtape they want to dedicate… to you

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With Kids in L.A. (Cascine) making the rounds, the people of Kisses are not resting by any means. In fact, they’ve just released an online mix that they are calling a mixtape, aptly titled Dedications Mixtape. It is dedicated to some of the artists and music they and their friends wanted to dedicate to a special someone. Here is the full track listing:

1. Jesse Kivel of Kisses: The Gap Band – Outstanding
2. Michael David of Classixx: S.O.S Band – No One’s Gonna Love You
3. Pete Wiggs of Saint Etienne: The System – I Can’t Take Losing You
4. Victoria Bergsman of Taken By Trees: Tom Tom Club – Genius of Love
5. Erika Spring of Au Revoir Simone: Sade – Clean Heart
6. Simon Raymone of Cocteau Twins: Explosions in the Sky – Your Hand in Mine
7. Jens Lekman – Jennifer Lara: Our Love
8. Magnus Wahlstr̦m of Boat Club: Axel Boman РPurple Drank
9. Marcus Joons of Korallreven: Parsley Sound – Ease Yourself and Glide
10. Mike Simonetti of Italians Do It Better: Cyndi Lauper – True Colors
11. Pat Grossi of Active Child: Shuggie Otis – Inspiration Information
12. Seth Haley of Com Truise: Madonna – Like a Prayer
13. Paul Sprangers of Free Energy: R. Kelly – Bump and Grind

FREE MP3 DOWNLOAD: Columbia Nights’ “Make Some Room”

When you are confronted with a delicious meal and you are consuming it on the spot, you may say to yourself or a companion “I need to make some room for more.”

When you are confronted with a companion and (s)he may be someone of interest, you may want them close to you and a way to get them closer is to make them some room.

Columbia Nights get steamy with their cover of Sade’s “Make Some Room”, originally released as a non-LP B-side to my favorite Sade song and single, “Nothing Can Come Between Us”. For those who love Sweetback and would not mind hearing a new version/interpretation of the song, check this out. The lady on vocals in the song is Vaughan Octavia.

VIDEO: Sade’s “Love Is Found”

If something is lost, you do all you can to find it. When you do, try your best to never let go. This is perhaps what Sade thinks about with “Love Is Found”, a song that now has a video. Go check it.

RECORD CRACK: February 23rd for vinyl edition of Sade’s “Soldier Of Love”

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Sade‘s long-awaited Soldier Of Love (Columbia) album will be released today, but if you want to have it on vinyl, you’ll have to wait two more weeks before you have it in your hands and on your turntables.

You can pre-order the LP from Amazon by clicking below. You will also get “digital code” so that you can download the album as MP3’s.

FREE MP3 DOWNLOAD: Sade’s “Soldier Of Love”

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The buzz for new music from Sade Adu has been going on for most of 2009. When Maxwell‘s album was released earlier this year, fans knew that since Maxwell and Sade share the same backing band (known in some circles as Sweetback), it was only a matter of time. Many were hopeful that this fall would be when we’d hear a new album. Then it was pushed to February 2010.

However, it seems fan demand has been too much, so a song has surfaced on the internet. It’s already making the rounds on blogs, so it surfaces here too. This is the title track from Sade’s forthcoming album, Soldier Of Love.

Soldier Of Love” (6.8mb)

REVIEW: SaDe’s self titled debut album

While soul vocalist Sade is expected to come with a new album any day now, a band from the Chech Republic have just released their debut album of loud ass, high voltage, crunchy rock metal stoner sludge sheets, and it is brutal.

They are called SaDe, and their 7-song album (Silver Rocket) is a cassette-only release. That’s right, if you want to be satisfied with some incredible music that will deafen you, you have to have a working cassette deck in order to play this tape, and that’s good. The music on this album is a cross between Melvins‘ deliberate plodding pace and the psychedelic sheen of Monster Magnet, so if you imagine hairy musicians with bulk and sonic lewdity, you are going to love these guys. They’re not afraid of feedback or distortion, and they are English-friendly although they would sound incredible in any language. This is their first and only album so far but with luck they’ll make it out of Eastern Europe for a bit and make it to other territories, as they would be the kind of duo (SaDe is a 2-piece) who would move countries into war. If their music moves you to rip your face off, so be it, but don’t blame it on these guys.