BOOK’S FOODIE: Make a Black Olive Pesto Sandwich (from Tarla Dalal’s Kitchen)

If you are looking for a sandwich that is rich in Omega-3 fatty acids but aren’t sure where to start, then begin here. It’s a Black Olive Pesto Sandwich made by Tarla Dalal that doesn’t look too difficult to make, and probably isn’t hard to chow down on either.

VIDEO: Sandwich’s “New Romancer”

If you are from the Phillipines or are Filipino, or perhaps you are in tune with music that isn’t on your radio or digital device, you may be familiar with a group named Sandwich. Myrene Academia, Raymund Marasigan, Mike Dizon, Diego Castillo, and Mong Alcaraz released a new album last summer, their seventh in their 15-year career, called Fat, Salt & Flame (AstroPlus/Astrovision/PolyEast). The video was beautifully directed by Direk Treb Monteras III.

BOOK’S FOODIE: The Brothers Green put together a “Dirty Breakfast Burger”

The Brothers Green are crafty again in the kitchen with a new sandwich, this time a breakfast sandwich. I love my breakfast sandwich and this is one I must make myself, one they’ve called The Dirty Breakfast Burger that involves maple ketchup and jalapeno bacon cream cheese. WHAT?!? Exactly, and it seems extremely easy to make. Let’s watch together.

BOOK’S FOODIE: Quick Philly Cheesesteak (4 Ingredient *Munchies*) (from Brothers Green Eats)

You’re someone who loves a mighty big sandwich, especially those Philadelphia cheesesteaks but prices are getting high in your neighborhood. You’re wondering “what the hell?” and “what am I going to eat?” Well for one, you don’t have to eat a Philly cheesesteak every day but the process in making one is not as complicated as you think, as the Brothers Green show you in this video. In truth, you can make one using only four ingredients. That’s not a typo: four (4) ingredients.

BOOK’S FOODIE: Grilled Portobello Mushroom Burger

Leyla is the person behind and the GetFitWithLeyla YouTube channel, offering healthy choices for one and all. As someone who has had his share of burgers in my lifetime, I definitely don’t fear vegetarian burgers, as they’re quite good. Leyla has put together a grilled portobello mushroom burger, the amount of ingredients aren’t a lot and it looks quite easy to put together. For the full recipe, click to her website.