FREE DL: Sareem Poems & Ozay Moore’s “Soap Opera (Soulseize Remix)”

Illect Recordings have released a new single by Sareem Poems and Ozay Moore and this one is not only “Soap Opera” but you get to hear it remixed by Soulseize. It’s available as a free download but highly consider using the “Name Your Price” option and showing a b

AUDIO: J. Rhodan featuring Sivion, Sojourn & Sareem Poems’ “Old You”

J. Rhodan photo JRhodan_old_zpsgg4idhj7.jpg
J. Rhodan is a producer out of Philadelphia and you’ll be hearing a lot from him, as he is now signed to Illect Recordings. The first single between the two is called “Old You”, and it’s the first single from his new album out on Friday. Have a listen and get to know a bit more about him and his music, along with some special guests helping him out in this.

AUDIO: Sareem Poems & Ess Be’s “Higher”

Sareem Poems & Ess Be are ready to come out with an album at the end of the month through Illect Recordings called Beautiful
and if you want to know what the beauty sounds like, you may listen to “Higher” right now. The album is available to pre-order below via Amazon.


FREE MP3 DL: Sivion, Sareem Poems, Kinetik, Sojourn & Imperial’s “12 Bars Of Christmas”

IF you feel there aren’t enough hip-hop songs during the holiday season, maybe this could become this generation’s “Christmas In Hollis”. “12 Bars Of Christmas” brings together Imperial, Sojourn, Kinetic, Sareem Poems, and Sivion and insures you understand the season in a pleasant way.

FREE MP3 DL: Sareem Poems & Imperial’s “God Bless The Child”

 photo SareemPoems_cover_zpse86858f3.jpg
L.A. Symphony member Sareem Poems has been wanting to branch out with his own music, so when he asked UK producer Imperial to collaborate with him, the mission had begun. The end result will be an EP coming out on Illect Recordings, and the first burst of sound to surface from it is “God Bless The Child”. The song was originally an Imperial project created in honor of his son in March, and Sareem Poems decided to expand the love and warmth of the song’s intention, an extension if you will.