REVIEW: Sari Kessler’s “Do Right”

 photo SariKessler_cover_zps0ik6iha4.jpgIt would be too easy to simply call Sari Kessler a jazz singer for her voice on Do Right (self-released) shows that she is something that is quite simple: a great singer, period. Nothing wrong with that and by her album beginning with a cover of Burt Bacharach’s “Walk On By”, you get to hear what she is capable of doing without any theatrics, without stunts, without ego. Her own”My Empty Bed Blues” is a song that will hopefully be covered and performed in the years and generations to come but in order to know where she came from, you have to hear her grace and finesse here, which includes nice renditions of Duke Ellington’s “The Gal From Joe’s” and Bobby Hebb’s “Sunny”, the latter a song I can never get enough of regardless of who does it. What is amazing is this sounds like music who has been doing this for all of her life and yet this is her debut album. It’s very hard to believe this is her very first effort but this will make me want to know what she has around the corner.