VIDEO: Satanized’s “Infernal Torment”

If the name Satanized is scaring you, I suggest looking at another post on this website or closing your browser.

Satanized are from Turkey and are for fans of brutal metal, with a hint of synths thrown on but not overwhemingly like a Bon Jovi pop tune. This isn’t pop by any means, I also love the mixture of grueling vocals with choir harmonies, which is sure to scare some people who aren’t prepared by this band’s demonic charm.

RECORD CRACK: AIDS Wolf unite with Satan(ized)

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You psycho noise fan bastards are probably fans of both of these groups, and now you can hear them on a split 7″, courtesy of Badmaster Records.

AIDS Wolf offer up two tracks, “Tango Fatal” and “In From Under The Snow”, and both continue with the band’s unpredictable ways. You know how it is. Both tracks were recorded in 2007.

Satanized are to Philadephia what The Roots are to Philadelphia, which means something or nothing if you think about it. Anyway, Satanized pack a lot of punch in their music and are arguably more accessible than AIDS Wolf, but my guess is that Jessica Simpson will not be going out on a date with any of them. They offer up “Hope Is Lack Of Information”. All three songs on this record are brand new.

While the screenshot of the cover seems simplistic, you’ll have to see the sleeve inside and out, which was designed by Seripop. It’s on some kind of pinkish, purple-ish, moldy bologna-colored vinyl. Nice. Only 500 copies pressed, you can buy it directly from Badmaster or at any AIDS Wolf or Satanized performances (check their respective MySpace pages).