VIDEO: Piñata Protest’s “Jackeee”

This is a really cool video directed by Iggy Ogard by a San Antonio band calling themselves Piñata Protest, and the track is called “Jackeee”. If the lady in the video looks familiar, she would be model/artist/illustrator Satine Phoenix.

You can find out more about Piñata Protest by checking out their Facebook page, MySpage Page, or getting regular updates via Twitter.

BOOK REVIEW: Satine Phoenix’s “Burning Quill Volume 1”

Image and video hosting by TinyPic On her Twitter account, Satine Phoenix spoke about wanting to create a book, an archive of sorts, of her drawings. While she had become known for her work as an adult video star, she has not shied away from her nerd/geek credentials, and once did a video where as she became intimate with a lady, she also painted on her. It is something she has wanted to do more of as she is moving away from doing adult videos, and now she’s sharing a small collection of her work in a self-released book called Burning Quill Vol. 1.

Sketches, doodles, full drawings… they are all assembled in a way that looks (at times) quite abstract. There’s no dialogue, no descriptions, you just see the images and go from there. Some of the drawings look like rough sketches of some of her videos, so you’ll see bondage and S&M themes, but there are also comic book-like dreamscapes, comic book characters that may be heroic stories in their infancy. There’s a bit of puppy love, there are scenes that look like she’s looking into her public life as an insider. Then there’s a sense that you’re looking at that diary you’re not supposed to look at.

At the same time, it also comes across as a nice resume to show that Phoenix is capable of creating these vivid images and perhaps make them come to life. It could be for comic books, maybe towards an animated series, or album covers. While there are a lot of solid lines and tight angles in her word, it’s still very fluid, not stagnant. Maybe it’s her saying that her art and artwork is always evolving and changing, willing to try new things, take on new adventures.

It’s possible that this is one way to express herself in a way that, in the so-called “real world”, is hard to comprehend for some. It is said that the best science fiction plays with themes and metaphors that if stated as a political or personal statement, you could be condemned. Phoenix’s art expresses exploration, and if you want to take those adventures and experiences into the real world, nothing is stopping you but you. It’s also cool looking too, I look forward to seeing where this will lead to next.

(You can order the book from a great blog she does with her boyfriend Joe called Sex, Food & Comics, featuring a love for all that is in the title of the blog, and more. The order page for Burning Quill Vol. 1 can be found right here.)