REVIEW: Save Ends’ “Warm Hearts, Cold Hands”

 photo SaveEnds_cover_zps85946357.jpg The bullet of pop punk can be very explosive when shot from the right set of musicians and singers, and the band that does it with a fair sense of accuracy are Save Ends, whose lead vocal duties are shared by a man and woman, Christine Atturio and Brendan Cahill. Now, the issue is not the fact that this band are fronted by a female/male duo, but you often don’t hear that in a lot of bands or when you do, the higher/sweeter vocal is often done by a guy capable of reaching those notes and tones. With Warm Hearts, Cold Hands (Tiny Engines), Atturio and Cahill share the duties throughout the song, so that there may be a verse or line where each one sings on their own, then other portions when their voices will blend very nicely. Both of them could easily form their own bands when it gets to that time but it sounds as if the both of them, are having too much fun singing about life without companionship or dealing with the stress of existing. Musically, they could fit alongside the lines of Blink 182, The Buzzcocks, or Coffin Break. Save Ends have a powerful sound that probably goes over the edge in the live setting when they let loose but for now, hear their capabilities with this album.

SOME STUFFS: Boston’s Save Ends ready to test their “Strength” and “Will”

Their bio states that Save Ends will “bring harmony back to this world”, which is more than welcome. Also more than welcome: this Boston band who released an EP in May called Strength vs. Will. The group features former members of No Trigger and Making It Right, so if you’ve wondered where some of these guys (and lady) have been, here they are. I will have a review of the EP very soon, but take a listen to it in full for yourself.