VIDEO: We Came As Romans’ “Ghosts”

Tracing Back Roots (Nuclear Blast) is the latest effort from We Came As Romans, who take it to the take to bust a song through your brain matter with the loud-yet-tender “Ghosts”, taking things to the ultimate limit before allowing themselves to simmer before ripping into your skull once more. The feel of this one is quite nice, a nice mixture of the heavy and sensitive before going into a delicate Yes-ish moment before going through the uncertain motions.

VIDEO: Death Engine’s “No Hope”

Amen is a 4-song EP by Death Engine that is also available as a 10″ EP on Throatruiner Records, and they’ve recently turned a song from it into a video. It’s an animated piece called “No Hope”, but it’s not exactly like the animation you may be used to. The first image is of a child being born, and then the story goes from there, all drawn on what looks like a napkin. Things aren’t as basic as they seem, so make sure to watch it from start to finish. The animation was done by Olivier Roisneau.

REVIEW: Calvaiire’s “Forceps”

 photo Calvaiire_cover_zps070b471d.jpg While French is not my native tongue, I can feel the intensity Calvaiire are expressing in the lyrics found on Forceps (Throatruiner) and fortunately with the help of English translations, the passion of their anger, isolation, and fears are something that can be appreciated by speakers of any language. These guys immediately remind me of bands like Bone Dance, Dillinger Escape Plan, and Unsane, merging together a sense of brutality that comes through clearly in their music and while the lyrics share that feeling, there’s a sense that they’re looking forward and beyond the statements they’re making, telling the story but wanting to go much further than the limitations created. Calvaiire are playing without those limitations and it’s amazing to hear this, twisting up different tempos and time signatures and just throwing everything out as if nothing matters but the moment, and the moment is now. Language should not be a barrier for these guys, and I hope this manages to break a few barriers.

RECORD CRACK: New album by Calvaiire to get the vinyl treatment

 photo Calvaiire_cover_zpse574f432.jpg
If you are a fan of some of the more brutal and tasty aspects of metal, you’ll want to be aware of a new album by Calvaiire. This French metal band will be releasing a new album on New Year’s Eve called Forceps via Throatruiner Records, and you can preview it in its entirety via Bandcamp stream below. The vinyl pressing will be packaged not only with a gatefold cover, but will be matte-laminated. The record itself will come in “color in color”, in this case black & milky clear, as shown above. You may pre-order it directly from Throatruiner Records by clicking here. Along with vinyl, you can also pre-order the digital, compact disc, and cassette versions.

VIDEO: The Dillinger Escape Plan live at Hellfest (July 25, 2004)

The Dillinger Escape Plan (Hellfest 2004) from hate5six on Vimeo.

According to the band, the plan was for their performance at Hellfest in 2004 to be released on DVD. That didn’t happen. Now, that video has made itself known online. This show was done on the weekend following the release of their 2004 album Miss Machine (Relapse).

REVIEW: Gristnam’s “Release1” (EP)

 photo Gristnam_cover_zps70405856.jpg Release1 is a 5-song EP by New Orleans’ Gristnam, a great 5-piece band featuring Keith Sierra Jr. (drums), John Miskimmin (bass), Greg Bourgeois (guitar), Steve Bourgeois (guitar) and Shaun Emmons (vocals). These guys sound like the New Orleans metal bastards they are, taking in the kind of crunch and dirges that come from some of the best metal bands out of the south, but also adding in a thick hardcore punk spirit that results in songs with a number of different texture and tempo changes with each song. They remind me of bands like Bone Dance, Dillinger Escape Plan, and Retox, but with their own richness that will help keep them low and high at the same time. When the band start getting rhythmically in touch with one another, it’s an awesome groove. When they sound like they’re bombarding on each other as they musically machete each other, it’s beautiful. None of the songs go over the three-and-a-half minute mark, and I’m almost afraid to know what would happen if they did. They might create something at builds as an epic, before they end things in a satisfactory mass suicide. I look forward to how they’ll punch me next.

FREE DL: Time to go to “Jamaica” with Psychic Limb

 photo PsychicLimb_cover_zps9a72df4e.jpg
A name like Jamaica (Clairvoyant Recordings) might not be associated with the type of punk and hardcore that is on this new album by Psychic Limb, but then again, if the Bad Brains could do it, why not make a different association with something that often represents one love and good times? Psychic Limb are from Brooklyn, and with their new album they didn’t even bother to title their songs. They just thought “eh, let’s give them numbers”, and unlike the Philly hip-hop band The Roots, they’re not even in any specific order (that I know of). It’s very much all about the music, and they’re going to slash into your heart to get their points across.

While the album is available as a free download, vinyl junkies can purchase the album in “black tar” (400 copies being pressed) and “China white” (100) color variations, the latter shown below. You may buy them by clicking here.
 photo PsychicLimbVinyl_cover_zps12d21e56.jpg

VIDEO: Rotten Sound’s “Peace

A wicked punch in the face comes in the form of Rotten Sound, whose sound is rotten but incredibly sound (see how I did that?) and now you’re able to see how rotten they are with their new video for “Peace”.

Wait, a grindcore band doing a song about peace? In the words of the hip-hop group Main Source, peace isn’t the word to play, and these guys aren’t playing around with this video, animated Claymation style by Janne Kauranen, looking like something you would catch on USA Network’s Night Flight about 25 years ago (or something weird from a hidden YouTube channel).

VIDEO: The Dillinger Escape Plan’s “Hero Of The Soviet Union”

This is being described as a “preview video”, but it is uncertain what it is a preview for. A longer version of the video? A full length concert? For now, we have The Dillinger Escape Plan here, with various live clips edited together to demonstrate the live experience as “Hero Of The Soviet Union” is played in the background. It is official, and if you attend their shows, they will officially be in your face and abdomen. The song is from their album One Of Us Is The Killer (Sumerian), my review of which can be read by heading here.

BTW: After the injury guitarist Ben Weinman went through a few weeks ago, DEP are resuming their tour next week in San Francisco.

VIDEO: The Dillinger Escape Plan’s “One Of Us Is The Killer”

The title track to The Dillinger Escape Plan’s One Of Us Is The Killer (Sumerian) (my review of which can be read by clicking here) has been turned into a video presentation. What will you find within its boundaries? You know you want to look.