FREE MP3 DL: Scribbling Idiots featuring Ilyas’ “Everything Was Perfect”

Scribbling Idiots may call themselves idiotic but their music and lyrics are not, as you’re about to hear in their new one called “Everything Was Perfect” and making them reach perfection is Ilyas, who you may have known as a member of Tanya Morgan. Together, they make the song nice and fresh.

AUDIO: Scribbling Idiots featuring Red Cloud, Cas Metah, Playdough, Sojourn, Manchild & Jurny Big’s “Victorious”

We are closer to the release day for Scribbling Idiots’ Invitation Only album on Illect, in fact, we are only three days away from the moment of truth. I’ve been posting tracks for the last few weeks and this looks to be like one of the last to get the spotlight before March 11th so have a listen to “Victorius”, which also features Jurny Big, Manchine, Sojourn, Playdough, Cas Metah, and Red Cloud joining in. CD and cassette versions can be pre-ordered by heading to

AUDIO: Scribbling Idiots featuring KJ-52, Theory Hazit, JustMe & EF Cuttin’s “Got That Hunger”

Scribbling Idiots are less than two weeks away from releasing their Illect Recordings album Invitation Only, but they decided to share yet another track from it. A few days ago they passed along “Pass It”, but this time, along with EF Cuttin, JustMe, Theory Hazit, and DJ-52, they want to let everyone know why they “Got That Hunger” with a bit of audio nourishment.

AUDIO: Scribbling Idiots featuring Freddie Bruno, JustMe, muzeONE, Jurny Big, Griffin & EF Cuttin’s “Pass It”

Invitation Only (Illect) by Scribbling Idiots is only a few weeks from being heard in full, but they want for you to hear and have a slice now. As is customary with friends both old and new, the Idiots want to “Pass It” to you, but make sure you also pass it around to reddie Bruno, JustMe, muzeONE, Jurny Big, Griffin, and EF Cuttin, all of whom appear in this track. You may pre-order Invitation Only below from Amazon.

AUDIO: Scribbling Idiots’ “Old Heads”

 photo ScribblingIdiots_cover_zpse8f849d1.jpg
Invitation Only (Illect) is the forthcoming album from Scribbling Idiots, and if you’ve been keeping track of this collective, it almost seems like it could be anyone and everyone at any given time, but you know that’s true. For “Old Heads”, producer Re:Flex The Architect brings the minds and talents of muzeONE and Wonder Brown together for one hell of a track and to make it even more special, BlackBolt helps out to make the song complete. Pre-orders for the MP3, CD, and cassette versions of Invitation Only are now available from

VIDEO: Cas Metah & Wonder Brown featuring Copywrite & Elias”Drowning Man”

Find some elements, combine them and see what happens. That’s what happened here with Cas Metah & Wonder Brown, who put together “Drowning Man” with producer J. Rawls and got Copywrite and Elias into the mix. For the video, Wes Pendleton directed it and added his visual expertise to compliment the music.

The track is from Cas Metah & Wonder Brown’s collaborative album, The Darke Bros. (Illect), which is available now.