SOME STUFFS: Sol’s “Dear Friends” EP

Image and video hosting by TinyPic In the last few years, people have put too much faith in the term “emo rap”, because it basically means the rapper in question puts a lot of emotion into his rhyme style and lyrics. In other words, being personal, reflective and retrospective is considered too weird in a genre that has been dumbed down by its own applied dumbness. Sol calls the 206 (Seattle) home, although if you feel you know what a Seattle MC sounds like from other area MC’s of the past, push them to the side. Sol kind of has the vocal tone of old Fat Joe mixed in with the vibe of Common and Smif-N-Wessun, but manages to bob and weave through the comparisons and influences to come out sounding like an MC ready to put his skills and talents to the test.

Dear Friends is a 6-song EP that keeps things brief and sample, so you get to hear him and his music, no skits, no fluff, no nutter, no nada. What you do get is someone who lives and loves the music, as he and guest Kush Carter talk about in the soon-to-be-stoner classic, “Music Crazy”. For a slight party vibe, but one that isn’t suffocate the song, you have “Millions”, which is what he seeks but he also seeks true love from his lady who is “my Beyonce, she calls me Jay-Z/my P.Y.T., pretty young thing”. “Never D.I.E.” has an old school feel, but that can be said about the entire EP, although don’t think of the throwback style to be an easy remedy just to get across to a certain audience. It’s more a classic feel than anything, and Sol is a rapper whose lyrics and delivery are worth listening to. He’s not just audio darts to fill the the void during any given time, you want to pay attention to him because you sense he has a lot of respect for hip-hop and the craft of writing.

Free MP3 download (46.53mb)