VIDEO: Spudd Brown & Scumbagsini’s “Karma Red (living room mix)”

The video was billed as being acoustic, but the piano is a keyboard, which you can see with the incense shot of Spudd Brown and Ezekiel Charles, a/k/a Scumbagsini. Well, what I don’t see is an acoustic piano, so I’m going to call this a “living room mix” of “Karma Red”. I love the vibe of the song and video too: kicking back, incense in the background, and a nice even blend of vocalizing and spoken word. It’s part of the Freedom Hall movement, and you’re welcome.

SOME STUFFS: FreedomHall release two brand new projects

The FreedomHall collective have become more active in the last few months, and if you haven’t paid attention to them or as to why this activity exists, it’s still a good time to discover why. You can begin here with two new tracks from the collective.

Spudd Brown and Scumbagsini have put together a track that sounds like mindbending soul, taken to outer space with a prompt from Andre 3000 or Bilal coordinates, but maintained by the seductive vocals of Passion Ward. It’s out of this world, it’s a trip, it’ll make you go “can soul music sound this trippy yet still sound so down to Earth?” That’s the art of music from the soul.

Jessica Stackpoole is described as “a singer, Songwriter, Poet, Painter & adventure seeker”, and in “Real Poetry” she may remind some of Ambersunshower’s time with Groove Garden and the songs “You’re Not Coming Home” and “Lovers In The Daze”, where it’s vocalized spoken word mixture. Add this with a trumpet solo from James De Luca and one can imagine themselves walking into a park and somehow finding themselves in a large metropolis while breathing in the good elements as they ignore everything that’s bad. It also has a nice “Sunflower” T. Blue vibe a la Erykah Badu, but placed into a new filter to go somewhere else.

Both are available as a free download.