VIDEO: Selector Dub Narcotic’s “And Stuff Like That There”

This Party Is Just Getting Started is the debut album by Calvin Johnson’s latest project, Selector Dub Narcotic and he has made a new video in suport of it, “And Stuff Like That There” and what exactly is that over there? You may want to see what Johnson is glancing at in this visual representation of the song. The album will be released on September 16th, please pre-order it below via

VIDEO: Selector Dub Narcotic’s “Hotter Than Hott”

The goodness of Selector Dub Narcotic remains hot and strong in Olympia, Washington and that strength cannot happen without the endurance of Calvin Johnson. He presents to you a super warm morsel called “Hotter Than Hott” to the point where it melts in your mouth but fortunately not in your hands. After years of doing Dub Narcotic Sound System, the selector of the Dub Narcotic has been releasing music on his own and he’s about to release his debut solo album as the DJ, b/k/a “selector” and he’s going off. Literally.