AUDIO: Lightsleepers featuring Kavet The Catalyst, Timer, Omega Cix & Wade’s “In With The New”

With DJ Memoirs on the cuts and Sentric behind the production, the Lightsleepers ohana are here to mess up minds, spirits and souls. This is their track that goes out with the old and comes “In With The New”. It features Kavet The Catalyst, Timer, Omega Cix, and Wade dropping very superfresh rhymes, all with care from the 808 state.

To learn and experience more of the Lightsleepers experience, head to

AUDIO: Beastie Boys’ “Intergalactic/3 The Hard Way/Electrify (Sentric Remix)”

In honor of the late MCA, Honolulu’s DJ Sentric has created another Beastie Boys tribute mix in the form of combining three tracks:
1) Intergalactic
2) 3 The Hard Way
3) Electrify

To hear some of his more recent mixes, click to his Soundcloud page or check up on where he may be next by heading to his Facebook page.

FREE MP3 DOWNLOAD: Sentric & Jake Miles’ ”Sleepless In Seattle”

This is a new collaborative mix tape created by Sentric and Jake Miles called Sleepless In Seattle: Rhythm & Rhyme and features a number of tracks worth checking out. This mix tape was created “with an AKAI MPC 500, Ecler Nuo 2
DJ Mixer, and an AKAI MPC 2000XL”, and then completed by Jake Miles. You can see the full track listing by going here, where you’ll also be able to stream and listen. Or take a chance and stream/listen with the player below.

(Mahalo nuo to Juando Reyes for the recommendation. I like crai now.)

AUDIO: Sentric’s “Onederful Xmas Time” Sentric – Onederful Xmas Time by Breakmanipulative

Photobucket Hawai’i-based producer Sentric Lastnamenotapplicable, who simply goes by the name of Sentric (because his last name is not applicable) has made some great music over the years, but for this one he has taken a holiday classic and turned it into an incredible instrumental ready made for hip-hop, soul, R&B, or dance usage.

To hear more from him, and perhaps collaborate with him in a project of yours, click to Sentric’s Soundcloud page.