VIDEO: Seven Sisters Of Sleep’s “War Master”

Ezekiel’s Hags (Relapse) is the forthcoming album from Seven Sisters Of Sleep to be released oN February 5th. The baby is recorded, mixed and mastered and they began sharing music from it two weeks ago with the song “War Master”. Now you’re able to see the video they made for it, complete with found imagery that may make you go “what the hell is going on?” If so, good, that’s how they want it.

AUDIO: Seven Sisters Of Sleep’s “War Master”

The demons of doomsters are back once again and you know who I’m talking about, right? Well, the person of interest is in the subject line above but it’s SEVEN SISTERS OF SLEEP, GUNFUNNIT!!! Mark February 5th within your digital databases, as that’s the day SSOS will be reasing a new album called Ezekiel’s Hags (Relapse) and now you can hear one, just one, song from it, the very nice and delicate (right) “War Masters”. Amazon already has the album to pre-order, you may head there below.

REVIEW: Seven Sisters Of Sleep/Shaman’s Owl’s split 10″ (EP)

 photo SevenSistersShamans_cover_zpsad32371c.jpg In a new release by Feast Of Tentacles, two metal bands team up for a great 10″ EP. Shaman’s Owl take up three songs on the B-side, playing at a slow pace to where it feels like you’re crawling, or wanting to climb up a wall pouring with sorghum. However, you enjoy tasting that sorghum so much that you’re tonguing that wall, and that’s what Shaman’s Owl’s songs sound like. “Sacred Bird” is the shortest song of the three, clocking in at 2:14, while the five minutes of “The Screaming Ridge” just hits you hard as they plow at that page. There are slight variations in each song, although one could easily mistake it as three different movements within the same song, which it is not.

While the B-side will floor you, it is the A-side that will rip your face off in as you feel the pain and ecstasy of everything going on, and that’s due to the incredible ten minute track by Seven Sisters Of Sleep that is “Bastard Son”. The band begin the song in one way, but then go through different moods and textures to where they’re doing things in a speed metal fashion, all while screaming as if torture was feared, accepted, and embraced. At least that’s how I interpret the vocals of Tim McClary, who may come off sounding like some of metal’s best, but will/has become one of his and the band’s solid trademarks. “Bastard Son” sounds like a group of people realizing they’re about to sink on a ship, and everyone is trying to find some balance between trying to be saved and being a savior, and neither is happening the way it should. Each side of the record evens out the vibe of the other, and both bands bit perfectly on here and serve each other well.

(The split 10″ can be ordered from Feast Of Tentacles’ online store.)

RECORD CRACK: Seven Sisters Of Sleep, Shaman’s Owl ready to release split 10″

Seven Sisters Of Sleep photo SevenSistersSO_cover_zpsff75fe61.jpg
Feast Of Tentacles are about to release a split 10″, and fans of both bands should be eager to hear it. On one side is Seven Sisters Of Sleep, whose contribution to the record is a single song played with evil. The other side is Shaman’s Owl of California, whose three songs compliment the solid wad of SSOS on the flip. If you’d like to become more familiar with Shaman’s Owl, head over to their Bandcamp page.

Only 500 copies of this record are being made: 200 on gold vinyl, 300 on blue. You can pre-order the 10″ from the UK at the Feast Of Tentacles store.

RECORD CRACK: New Seven Sisters Of Sleep 7″ on its way

It has been a year since I reviewed Seven Sisters Of Sleep‘s incredible debut album. They have been busy, but in the summer of 2012, they are releasing some new music in the form of a one-sided 7″. The songs that will appear are “Pissdrinker (Blaq Majik)” and “SSOOMMAA”, the latter of which is a chopped and screwed mix by William Alexander Marquis. I can’t imagine SSoS getting the chopped and screwed method, but I highly look forward to Marquis’ approach.

What you see above is a test pressing of the 7″ posted by the band, so the label of course will be different from this. The record will be released and made available through Vedavu Records.

This is in addition to a forthcoming Seven Sisters Of Sleep 7″ with a bonus CD on A389, and this will eventually lead to a full length album before the end of the year.

REVIEW: Seven Sisters Of Sleep’s self-titled album

Photobucket My awareness of Seven Sisters Of Sleep came after coming across an album by Oak called II, a solid block of doom metal that was eerily slow and disgusting, and I wanted to know more. That lead to me finding out abo8t the A389 Records, which lead to me finding out about a new release. I did some searching around, found some incredible music on YouTube with custom-made videos featuring clips from movies that were either considered disturbing, freakish, or banned altogether. I became a fan right there, and I had to order their album.

Seven Sisters Of Sleep is more of an EP in the traditional sense: 8-songs clocking in at just under 20 minutes, but what you get in those 20 minutes is some of the most mindblowing stoner/sludge metal you will have heard, and metal that’s damn good. As it begins, things start off very slow, the pace crawling up to the surface in a deliberate manner with walls of controlled feedback, almost in a Melvins/Sleep fashion. If you stare at the cover,you see a three-headed demonic beast in the middle of what looks like advertising executives or parents of Cub Scouts who know their time on Earth will be shortened, with brutal lyrics such as:
Room and board for the sodomites, paid by the faith
the fucking faith of shit
Murder everything, void every idea, every soul, every cloth
Where they are now and forever

It’s meant to be dark and menacing, you may end up thinking about your motives in life. Then things are brought back down to Earth in “Passed Out Standing”. Even with a line like “4 in the morning, this fucking flat smells like coffee, dogs, and loss”, you immediately get a sense of what that means because it may very well be you he’s singing about. The lyrics about menacing priests (“CCEC”), working for the man (“Swamp”), and politics (“Beirut”) could easily be thinly-guised metaphors for something else, but they’re very direct and to the point. If the songs suggest suffering, the brutality of their playing is meant to bring you down to your knees so you can feel the suffering too, or at least bang your head in honor of other sufferers around the world.

What also moved me to buy this album was the quote from writer Mike Cheese who said Seven Sisters Of Sleep create “stoner jams for people with short attention spans”. They have all of the intensity of a band who know how to extend songs to lengths of 10 minutes or more, but compress it as if these were to be hit songs, as if this style of metal was the latest teen beat sensation. It’s not. This is music made more for the disciples of Lord Satana, and they welcome you to join in their reign. Incredible music.


VIDEO: Seven Sisters Of Sleep’s “CCEP”

First and foremost: if you are offended by the manipulation of things religious, spiritual, and sexual, do not watch this video.

If you’re open to seeing some wild images over an insane song, continue on. The song is from Seven Sisters Of Sleep‘s forthcoming album. The video uses scenes from the Alejandro Jodorowsky film Holy Mountain. If you have never seen this or have no idea what it is, read the link to the Wiki page, or view this trailer. Erykah Badu will recognize some of the imagery as that being borrowed by Badu for her recent album:

The album is said to be due out in a few weeks, the vinyl LP can be pre-ordered now from