AUDIO: Shanaz Dorsett featuring Blu’s “Don’t Let Me”

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A little over two months ago, Shanaz Dorsett revealed a song called “Four Walls And A Garden“. Since then, she has released an EP called Mother Tongue and along with “Four Walls And A Garden” is a song I’m about to share with you here, called “Don’t Let Me”.

VIDEO: Shanaz Dorsett’s “Four Walls And A Garden”

When I hear or read the term “neo-soul”, I just think “oh no, not again, someone is too lazy to write the obvious”. I read about Shanaz Dorsett and they use the term “electro-R&B” which leads to me saying to myself, that’s right, “oh no, not again”. Dorsett is a vocalist from London who has a new song called “Four Walls And A Garden” that sounds like the kind of soul music I know and love. She sounds like someone whose album I would buy and just listen to everyday, because she sounds powerful and comforting. In other words, I like what I hear and I feel you will too. She was recently highlighted by the good folks at Okayplayer, and I think more people should be aware of her too. Her EP Mother Tongue will be out on October 7th.