FREE MP3 DL: Wildfires’ “Canelo”

Wildfires photo Wildfires_old_zpsvkadalbx.jpg
Mark August 26 somewhere on you abdomens, as Austin shoegaze rockers Wildfires will be releasing a new set of music as an extended play (that’s EP)( called Aguas Frescas (Part II). The first single will be “Canelo” and you can hear it right here, a free download for you while supplies last.

FREE MP3 DL: Dirty Sidewalks’ “It’s Xmas (And Everyone Is Miserable)”

Shoegaze… from Seattle? When you think of music from Seattle, shoegaze may not be the first thing you think of but Dirty Sidewalks are hoping you’ll change that. In addition, they’ve made a Christmas song for you. It’s called “It’s Xmas (And Everyone Is Miserable)”, which in a way can describe what a lot of people in the Pacific Northwest feel like, with days of crappy weather and malls that are decrepit and… well, I guess that’s like any city but Dirty Sidewalks want to show their sarcastic humbleness through a song that may become a new holiday tradition. This comes courtesy of No Count Records.

AUDIO: Library Voices’ “Zzyzx”

If you’re looking for something rocking and driving, you’ll want to wait next month for Lovish, an album by Library Voices that will be out through Nevado Music on November 6th. The press release says they are shoegaze, surf rockers and perhaps more importantly, Canadian. It’s a triple blast, hear it to find out if it’ll blast you.

REVIEW: Blindness’ “Wrapped In Plastic”

Blindness photo Blindness_cover_zpswfu0uuz1.jpg Wrapped In Plastic (Saint Marie) is an album by Blindness for those who enjoy their music on the punk and ambient side, a nice mixture of both. Imagine a band like Sleater-Kinney jamming with The Pretenders or early Radiohead and you have a slight feel for what this group are trying to come up with here, powerful riffs with a songwriting quality coming from musicians confident in their capabilities to create some decent tracks.

A part of me wishes the production would be clearer and more crisp but the distorted qualities and tendency for things to be pushed “in the red” help keep this at a level that I’m certain is meant to be, completely in your face with little chance of being able to breathe. Vocalist Beth Rettig could easily adapt these songs into something a bit calmer (I’m sure any demos would reveal something unique) but the way they are performed here put them literally on the edge, ready to fall off at any given time before you (the listener) are there to grasp onto antyhing you can reach for. Bassist Kendra Frost and guitarist Debbie Smith anchor things precisely. In fact, if Smith’s name is familiar, she used to be the guitarist for 90’s band Curve (of “Coast Is Clear” fame) so if you liked what she had done with Echobelly and Snowpony. you will definitely enjoy her here in a new home. There is definitely that early to mid-90’s feel to what Blindness do but that style of rock is very much relevant today, as if it ever left. Songwriting is a key factor so if you add attention to musicianship, you will apprecate what Wrapped In Plastic offers.

(Wrapped In Plastic is available from Amazon.)

SOME STUFFS: Get into new shoegaze by joining the Deafcult of Brisbane

Deafcult photo Deafcult_old_zpsjgnfnayg.jpg
Colorado’s Drew Miller, whom you may know for his work as Northern Hemisphere and a number of other pseudonyms, introduced me to a group from Brisbane, Australia I had never heard before so I wanted to share this discovery with you. They’re an indie rock band called Deafcult, who have a nice pop texture that you may find yourself comparing them to Teenage Fan Club, My Bloody Valentine, Curve, or Blur. They’ve come out with a 7-song EP that may immediately may make you say “shoegaze” but you may interpret their music differently. Download the EP for free and investigate further.

VIDEO: Radar’s “G.U.N. (Give Up On The Now)”

Radar photo Radar_old_zpsicocfid6.jpg
“G.U.N. (Give Up On The Now)” is a new song by a pop group who are on the electro/shoegaze side of life, so please welcome Radar. The group are currently on tour on the East coast so if you are in the following cities, please check them out and have some fun.

May 20… Washington, DC (Tree House Lounge)
May 21… Annapolis, MD (Metropolitan)
June 4… Washington, DC (Art Soiree Sunset Rooftop)
June 6… Martinsburg, WV (MJ’s)

REVIEW: Virginia Wing’s “Measures Of Joy”

Virginia Wolf photo VirginiaWing_cover_zps304b708b.jpg Virginia Wing are a trio whose music sounds like an updated continuation of the works of Cocteau Twins or Lush, partly due to
the vocals of Alice Merida Richards but also due to the musicianship of Sebastian Truskolaski and Sam Pillay. Together, Measures Of Joy are the measures of their collective joy, which explores different types of emotions to make their points and be able to explore the world and themselves through their magical journeys. If you simply listen to the music and melodies of Richards’ voice, you will be caught up in the emotions expressed and simply feel it in that context alone. However, listen to the lyrics and you’ll be taken in places you may not have expected before. Listen to it again and you may find yourself elsewhere with each listen. What I also like is that the songs are adventurous, not only on an individual basis but as a collective so that one song will not sound like a continuous tapestry. The textures are heard and felt, which may make you want to put this on repeat in an awake state as well as in a dream. Wonderful album.


VIDEO: Mono’s “Where We Begin”

Mono will release two new albums yesterday, this is from the The Last Dawn album, a video directed by Mitsuyo Miyazaki called “Where We Begin”. It’s a wonderful mixture of performance footage and theatrics. Those within North America who prefer their albums on CD will be able to purchase them next week Tuesday. As for the theatrical segment, it’s taken from a short film Miyazaki made also called Where We Begin, which you can find out about by clicking here.


AUDIO: Lazyeyes’ “Islip”

 photo Lazyeyes_old_zpsd924e9f9.jpg
The guys in Lazyeyes are hard at work on working on an EP that will be released before the end of the year, and from it is a s ong called “Islip”, which is a bit of altera-rock with the kind of twists and feel that may remind some of 80’s new wave, with the kind of freedom that will make you extend your hands and fingers into the sky. The Brooklyn group will be in their hometown next week Friday at Rough Trade, come and see them.