SOME STUFFS: New EP by Shotty streamed ahead of release

Shotty photo Shotty_old_zpskokg8s5n.jpg
Shotty are a trio who split their time between the 206 and the 213 and for those who don’t know their area codes, that’s Seattle and Los Angeles. They’re now ready to release a new EP called Little Lady Death next week Friday but they’re giving everyone a chance to hear it now. Press play below and enjoy.

FREE MP3 DL: Shotty’s “Love Mess”

Shotty photo Shotty_old_zpsrqlrssdk.jpg
Normally, it had been where some of the bands coming from Seattle were originally from California. In the case of Shotty, they originated in Seattle but are now housing themselves in Los Angeles. Weird? Wait until you hear them. They’re going to release an album fairly soon called Little Lady Death (Purevolume) and they’d like for you to hear them in the form of “Love Mess”, so have at it.