SOME STUFFS: M.O. Littles releases video for new EP

M.O. Littles will be releasing an EP tomorrow called The Top Off, and he’s ready to let everyone know about the new release. He’s made a video for the song “What I Live For”, which appears here in the form of a remix by Sicktunes. The song also brings in Sicknature and Aspects for some assistance. The EP is only a dose of what he’ll be releasing in 2015, as he is working on album to be released before the end of the year.

REVIEW: Alterbeats’ “The French Revolution”

Photobucket A hip-hop that begins with anger has a point to make, YOU DON’T COME OFF SLAPPING PEOPLE LEFT AND RIGHT WITHOUT EXPLAINING YOURSELF!!!

Anyway, Alterbeats have released The French Revolution, bringing on a wide range of MC’s to take their music and move it into new places. This includes help from… well, look at all of the people tagged for this review. Chief Kamachi, Murdoc, Bekay, Shabaam Sahdeeq, Reef The Lost Cauze, Willie Maze, Halfabrick, Estee Nack, Sadat X. That’s an incredible wealth of artists and artistry on this, and the exchange between each of them with one or another will make you want to buy, hear, and absorb for weeks, months, and years to come.

Is it angry now? Now, this is just what hip-hop is and always will be: a celebration of beats, rhymes & life, without fear.