BANDCAMP SUGGESTIONS: Reef The Lost Cauze x Haj of Dumhi’s “Sirens On Snyder” (EP)

 photo ReefDumhi_cover2_zps659c12bd.jpg As I write this, this EP is not even 30 minutes old but it may be one of the hot hip-hop albums to have this spring. It’s a new collaborative project between Reef The Lost Cauze and Haj of Dumhi, and Sirens On Snyder is what has come to fruition after their initial collaboration five years ago. This EP also features guest spots from Ether Cee, Side Effect, Random, and Burke the Jurke, a bit of Philadelphia representation and then some. You may now stream and listen and if you’re into it, consider making a purchase.

BANDCAMP SUGGESTIONS: Dumhi’s “Side Effect” (EP)

Photobucket About six months ago, Dumhi came out with an EP called The Whole World’s Watching and I’ll be honest, I had listened to it quite a bit in the car but forgot to review it. That’s not the norm, but a part of me wants to say that because I liked the music so much, I tend to enjoy the music and put away the journalist hat without realizing. It’s called being comfortable.

Six months later, a brand new EP in the form of Side Effect, and it features an MC who goes by the name of Side Effect as well, so technically this is a showcase for him, it’s “his” EP as much as it is Dumhi’s. If you like the Dumhi vibe, you’ll enjoy what Side Effect is about as he’s someone who knows how to write, knows how to rhyme, and does so without shame. A lot of words have been used to describe quality rappers, everyone from ruthless to dope, razor-sharp to awesome, but Side Effect is just… good. I don’t mean good as in “eh”, but I mean to use a simple word to show that when you go back to the basics, you don’t need massive tattoos or no teeth to prove that you have talent (or use those costumes to hide the fact that you don’t).

Nonetheless, the EP is up and is my current Bandcamp Suggestion. Click the player and listen to the EP, and you can also buy a track or the EP in full if you wish.