VIDEO: Signals Midwest’s “St. Vincent Charity”

Signals Midwest of Cleveland have released a new video today called “St. Vincent Charity”, taken from their current album Light On The Lake (Tiny Engines). The group are in Europe now on tour so if you’re in the following cities and countries, head out and rock with the gang.

September 6… Stadthagen, Germany (Tuwat e.V.)
September 7… Copenhagen, Denmark (Underwerket)
September 8… Hannover, Germany (Monster Records (acoustic))
September 9… Iserlohn, Germany (Rad Room Rehearsals)
September 10… Tilburg, Netherlands (Bomenlounge (acoustic))
September 11… Paris, France (La Mecanique Ondulatoire)
September 12… London, England (Old Blue Last)
September 13… Manchester, England (Wahlbar)
September 14… Glasgow, Scotland (13th Note)
September 15… Leeds, England (Santiago Bar)
September 16… Nottingham, England (The Chameleon Arts Cafe)
September 17… Birmingham, England (Scruffy Murphys)
September 18… Norwich, England (The Owl Sanctuary)
September 19… Lille, France (La Rumeur)
September 20… Diess, Belgium (Jeugdhuis Tijl)
September 21… Trier, Germany (Miss Marples)
September 22… Bad Neustadt/Saale, Germany (Juze)
September 23… Landshut, Germany (Jugendzentrum Poschingervilla)
September 24… Wiener Neustadt, Austria (Triebwerk)
September 25… Graz, Austria (Sub)
September 26… Micheldorf, Austria (Baraka)
September 27… St. Gallen, Switzerland (Grabenhalle)
September 28… Mainz, Germany (Haus Mainusch)

SOME STUFFS: Teen Agers to open 2014 with a U.S. tour

 photo TeenAgers_old_zps981aeadc.jpg
Florida’s Teen Agers will be kicking off the new year on a very bright note with a tour that starts January 2nd, beginning in Norfolk, Virginia. The tour will only go for ten days but if you’re into these guys, you’ll want to brave the temperatures and head out to see them in the flesh, along with some of their friends so show up early and have a blast with everyone involved.

January 2, 2014… Norfolk, VA (The Iguana) ☢
January 3, 2014… Baltimore, MD (Sidebar) €
January 4, 2014… Doylestown, PA (Siren Records) →
January 5, 2014… New Brunswick, NJ (Court Tavern) ☎
January 6, 2014… Trenton, NJ (Mill Hill Saloon) ❄
January 8, 2014… Philadelphia, PA (Golden Tea Room) ♫
January 9, 2014… Providence, RI (Dusk) ✂
January 10, 2014… Cambridge, MA (Plough) ▷
January 11, 2014… Brooklyn, NY (The Gutter) ✇
January 12, 2014… Alexandria, VA (The Lab) ♎ (CD release)

☢ = w/ Thomas McDonald & The Record Collection
€ = w/ Ex Friends, Ma Jolie, Toy Store Riot
→ = w/ Squid Subject A, Ma Jolie, Townhouses
☎ = w/ Timeshares, Great Explainer, City Limits
❄ = w/ Great Explainer
♫ = w/ Signals Midwest, Timeshares
✂ = w/ Neutrinos, She Said That
▷ = w/ And Stars with Jeff Rowe
✇ = w/ Young Leaves, Scarboro
♎ = w/ Ex Friends, Braceface

Teen Agers’ album I Hate It (Anchorless) is available on digital, LP, and compact disc.

SOME STUFFS: Little Big League to go on one month tour

“My Very Own You” is a song from Little Big League’s album These Are Good People (Tiny Engines)(my review of which can be read by clicking here, and the song was turned into a video earlier this summer. You may view it in the comforts of wherever you’re at now.

Wherever you’re at now, you may want to cheer gleefully, knowing that Little Big League are about to start a tour that will take them throughout North America for a month. You’ll want to set some time on the side to rock out with them>

October 25… Bronx, NY (Fordham University) ƛ
October 26… Hoboken, NJ (Stevens Institute) ƛ
October 27… Richmond, VA (Boyzhaus) ƛ
October 28… Raleigh,NC (Mattress Fort) ƛ
October 29… Atlanta, GA (529 Bar)
October 30… Orlando, FL (Will’s Pub) {“Tiny Engines Showcase”} ȹ
November 1… Gainesville, FL (1982 “THE FEST”) (12:40AM Set Time)
November 3… New Orleans, LA (Circle Bar)
November 4… Baton Rouge, LA (Spanish Moon) ʬ
November 5… Austin, TX (Holy Mountain) ϣ
November 6… Houston, TX (Rudyards) Ѩ
November 7… San Antonio, TX (The Ten Eleven)
November 8… Denton, TX (Gatsby’s Mansion)
November 9… Jackson, MS (The Ole Tavern on George Street)
November 10… Birmingham, AL (The Forge)
November 11… Salem, NC (Krankies Coffee)
November 12… Alexandria, VA (The Lab)
November 13… Philadelphia, PA (The Barbary) ਊ
November 14… Allston, MA (Great Scott) ਊ
November 15… New York, NY (Glasslands) ਊ
November 16… Columbus, OH (Cafe Bourbon Street) ਊ
November 17… Chicago, IL (Empty Bottle) ਊ
November 18… Grand Rapids, MI (Mulligans Pub)
November 19… Cleveland, OH (Now That’s Class)
November 20… Rochester, NY (Bug Jar) ௫
November 21… Hempstead, NY (Hofstra University)
November 22… Allston, MA (O’Briens Pub) ⌨
November 23… Providence, RI (AS220)
November 24… New Haven, CT (Pantyhaus)

ƛ = w/ Lvl Up
ȹ = w/ Restorations, Dikembe, Signals Midwest, Direct Effect, Empire! Empire! (I Was A Lonely Estate)
ʬ = w/ Heat Dust
ϣ = w/ Jason Anderson
Ѩ w/ Football Etc
ਊ w/ Paws
௫ w/ Laura Stevenson
⌨ w/ Somos, Saves End

SOME STUFFS: “Light On The Lake” is the forthcoming Signals Midwest album on Tiny Engines

 photo SignalsMidwest_cover_zps480958fa.jpg
Cleveland will be proud of this one: hometown heroes Signals Midwest are ready to release a new album through the Tiny Engines label called Light On The Lake, and if the optimism in the title is a sign of the optimism in the music… wooooo! It will be released at the end of October, with pre-orders scheduled to begin in September. It is the band’s follow-up to their second album Latitudes And Longitudes, and while a full tour has not been announced, they do have a few shows coming up:

August 29… Cleveland, OH (The Grog Shop) #
October 29… Ybor City, FL (Big Pre-Fest)
October 30… Orlando, FL (Tiny Engines Showcase) +
November 3… Gainesville, FL (The Fest 12)

# w/ Reverse The Curse, Annabel, Nomads
+ w/ Restorations, Dikembe, Little Big League, Direct Effect

If you haven’t explored the band’s back catalog yet, you may do so courtesy of Bandcamp.

SOME STUFFS: Signals Midwest begin U.S. tour this weekend

Signals Midwest fans will love this news: they are heading on tour beginning this Friday in Kalamazoo, Michigan. They are touring in support of their Tiny Engines Records album, Latitudes And Longitudes, and now fans both old and new will be able to see and hear these songs in a live setting.

July 13 – Kalamazoo, MI @ Fat Guy House
July 14 – Chicago, IL @ Township
July 15 – Madison, WI @ The Frequency
July 16 – Ames, IA @ The Space For Ames
July 17 – Lawrence, KS @ Replay Lounge
July 19 – Wichita, KS @ John Barleycorn’s
July 20 – Ft. Worth, TX @ 1919 Hemphill
July 21 – San Antonio, TX @ The Ten Eleven
July 22 – Austin, TX @ The Annex at 1808
July 24 – Tucson, AZ @ The Pound
July 25 – Mesa, AZ @ Lofi Coffee
July 26 – Las Vegas, NV @ Bikini Bar
July 27 – Pomona, CA @ VLHS w/ The French Exit
July 28 – San Diego, CA @ Bar Eleven w/ The French Exit
July 29 – Los Angeles, CA @ Blue Star w/ The French Exit
July 30 – Ventura, CA @ Billy O’s w/ The French Exit
July 31 – Fresno, CA @ C.A.F.E. Infoshop w/ The French Exit
August 1 – San Francisco, CA @ The Knockout w/ The French Exit
August 3 – Portland, OR @ Katie O’Briens
August 4 – Bellevue, WA @ Ground Zero Teen Center
August 5 – Bellingham, WA @ Make.Shift Art Space
August 6 – Boise, ID @ The Crux
August 7 – Salt Lake City, UT @ The BOING! House
August 8 – Denver, CO @ Blast-O-Mat
August 9 – Lincoln, NE @ Knickerbockers
August 10 – Normal, IL @ Firehouse Pizza & Pub
August 11 – Indianapolis, IN @ Vibes Music
August 12 – Cleveland, OH @ Now That’s Class

SOME STUFFS: Signals Midwest to begin brief winter tour this week

Signals Midwest – The Quiet Persuader from Aaron Freeder on Vimeo.

Fans have been enjoying Signals Midwest‘s latest album (their second), Latitudes And Longitudes and now fans in the midwest and East Coast will be able to witness their blasts live as they go on a brief tour starting this week in Pittsburgh. Each show features a wide range of bands who are scheduled to perform as well. The Philadelphia and Richmond (Virginia) shows are not being hyped up big time, and you’ll have to e-mail for more information on where to go (see info below). Here is where Signals Midwest will be:

January 5 – Pittsburgh, PA (222 Ormsby Ave.) w/ Mace Ballard, Playoff Beard, Edhoculi, Trophies
January 6 – Brooklyn, NY @ Suburbia (330 Melrose St.) w/ Living Room, Ma Jolie, Manners, Night Owls, Parkview
January 7 – Philadelphia, PA @ The Treehouse w/ Restorations, Glocca Morra, Everyone Everywhere, Jet Set Sail, Ma Jolie (email for address)
January 8 – Washington, D.C. @ Wasted Dream (431 Kenyon St. NW) w/ The Harrison Four
January 9 – Richmond, VA @ “House Address” House w/ Hold Tight!, Spraynard, Sundials, Pedals On Our Pirate Ships (email for address)
January 10 – Baltimore, MD @ Charm City Art Space (1731 Maryland Ave.) w/ Foozle!
January 11 – Boston (Somerville), MA @ Starlab (32 Prospect St.) w/ Dan Webb & The Spiders, Ridgemont, Kid Bastard
January 12 – Bradford, PA @ Homewood Snowboard Factory (57 Holley Ave.) w/ Shady Ave., HisDayHasCome, Squid Vicious
January 15 – Cleveland, OH @ The Grog Shop w/ The Lawrence Arms, The Holy Mess, Lord

Vinyl junkies will be able to buy Latitudes And Longitudes on their format of choice by heading to the Tiny Engines mail order page.