AUDIO: J. Rhodan featuring Sivion, Sojourn & Sareem Poems’ “Old You”

J. Rhodan photo JRhodan_old_zpsgg4idhj7.jpg
J. Rhodan is a producer out of Philadelphia and you’ll be hearing a lot from him, as he is now signed to Illect Recordings. The first single between the two is called “Old You”, and it’s the first single from his new album out on Friday. Have a listen and get to know a bit more about him and his music, along with some special guests helping him out in this.

AUDIO: Sivion’s “Soul Design”

Sphere Of Hip-Hop (SOHH) will be releasing a compilation album on November 13th called Soul Design and you may have your chance to hear one of the songs, the title track done by the main main Sivion. The song was handled by producer Solution. The album is currently not available for pre-order through but head to to find out how to purchase it directly.

FREE MP3 DL: Sivion, Sareem Poems, Kinetik, Sojourn & Imperial’s “12 Bars Of Christmas”

IF you feel there aren’t enough hip-hop songs during the holiday season, maybe this could become this generation’s “Christmas In Hollis”. “12 Bars Of Christmas” brings together Imperial, Sojourn, Kinetic, Sareem Poems, and Sivion and insures you understand the season in a pleasant way.

FREE MP3 DL: Sivion featuring muzeONE, Jurny Big & DJ Sean P’s “Real Talk (Soulseize Remix)”

If you’re a Sivion enthusiast, you will definitely remember a song he released into a video last year called “Real Talk”. Due to the strength of the song, he decided to have someone remix it. He placed that duty in the hands of Soulseize and he was able to get DJ Sean P, Jurny Big and muzeONE to create something close to a posse track. Personally, I wished these verses were a bit longer but I’m satisfied with what was released. The song can be downloaded for free, while supplies last.

REVIEW: Sundance’s “Midlife Marauders”

 photo SundanceMM_cover_zps39a8d126.jpg When you name your album based on a well known hip-hop album, you’re trying to make a statement. Sundance has done this with Midlife Marauders, a slight look back at A Tribe Called Quest’s Midnight Marauders but instead waiting until after 12am to find the newness in the music you love, you’re now dealing with the reality of where you’re at now. In this case, midlife can be anything from real life to ones career, taking a look from the outside and trying to understand where you’re at and what to do next.

The vibe of this album feels like something you might hear in a Roots discography, perfectly between How I Got Over and undun, as Sundance tells his story in a very genuine way with little to no metaphors, and it’s somewhat obvious on what he’s talking about. It’s also nice to hear hip-hop that isn’t afraid to sound like it’s older and mature, as if it realized it can’t be 14 forever and wants to celebrate its existence. While the album also features collaborations with Propaganda, Wonder Brown, Cas Metah, Theory Hazit, Ozay Moore, Sojourn, Elias, KJ 52, JustMe, Boombox Titans, J Givens, and Khadia Che among many, you can still hear the fact that this is a Sundance project and everyone else also knows it’s his album too.

While the album also has instrumentals to some of the songs, the true album is about eight songs long running at 30, but it’s the perfect length to tell the stories he is successful in taking. Now that we are in the concept of a midlife crisis, Sundance knows that your menstruating heart can’t bleed enough for two, and now he’s trying to find his way into some level of sanity.


VIDEO: Sivion featuring DJ Manwell’s “The Best”

“The Best” is something everyone wants to achieve and accomplish, and Sivion is giving his best shot at it, with help from DJ Manwell and producer Symbolyc One. This is taken from Sivion’s Group Therapy album on Illect Recordings.

VIDEO: Sivion featuring DJ Aslan’s “Ladies & Gentlemen”

We’re only a few days fro the release of Sivion’s album Group Therapy (Illect), and here is something that is meant to delight and of course promote what’s to come. It’s a video for TheARE-produced “Ladies & Gentlemen” which features DJ Aslan.

VIDEO: Sivion speaks on what you should “Watch Out” for on new album

Out of habit, I generally hate teaser videos. As I’ve said many times, a music video is a “teaser”, so should I be posting a teaser for a teaser? Then it comes to an artist whose music I like and… while I still think teasers are better suited for television shows, movies, and video games, I think they can serve a purpose if they don’t come off like a normal electronic/video press kit. Sivion has album coming out on Illect called Group Therapy and it offers viewers a chance to hear what is to come. The song highlighted in this video is called “Watch Out” and is produced by Picnictyme, who you may be familiar with as being Erykah Badu’s drummer.

The full album will be released in just under a month’s time.

VIDEO: Sivion’s “Real Talk”

The term “real talk” may be somewhat overused as of late but when you’re reading it or someone mentions it during a conversation, it equals to “let’s get down to business” or “this is a serious situation”. Sivion is one of the more serious rappers out there, and the song is part of the equation that leads to the solution known as Group Therapy (Illect), to be revealed in full on October 15th.