AUDIO: Apollo Brown & Skyzoo featuring Joell Ortiz’s “A Couple Dollars”

Mello Music Group will be releasing a new album by Apollo Brown & Skyzoo called The Easy Truth and from it is “A Couple Dollars” for you to either put in your pocket or give to the Salvation Army red bucket. This one features Joell Ortiz. The East Truth</i" will be out a month from now (September 30th to be precise).

VIDEO: Apollo Brown featuring Barrel Brothers’ “Neva Eva”

Grandeur (Mello Music Group) is the latest album from Apollo Brown and from it is a song he did with Skyzoo and Torae, who together want to be known as The Barrel Brothers. They went to New York with director Jay Brown to create a video for “Neva Eva” so watch and listen, then enjoy it foreva and eva. Randy Travis fans can say “amen” at the end of that sentence. The album can be ordered from by clicking the cover below.

AUDIO: Skyzoo & Torae’s “Pre-Loaded”

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Skyzoo and Torae have a new album on its way in less than a week called Barrel Brothers but they’re impatient. They decided to put together a mix of various tracks they have done over the years to show the new where they’re from, as a means to let you know where they’re headed. Pre-Loaded: The Best of The Barrel Brothers was put together by E-Holla of Brown Bag All-Stars, it may be only 37 minutes in length but it’s a teaser, it was constructed this way for a reason.

VIDEO: Syler featuring Skyzoo & Lydia Caesar’s “Goin’ Nowhere”

One Minute To Midnight is the new street album from Syler, who is making it available as a free download and from it, a video for “Goin’ Nowhere”, which features Skyzoo and Lydia Caesar in assistance. The album can be had below, so click and listen, then take it away as if you were a song from Paul McCartney’s Tug Of War album.
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AUDIO: Syler featuring Skyzoo and Lydia Caesar’s “Goin’ Nowhere”

 photo Syler_cover_zpsf9a55297.jpg
On its way from NYC’s Syler is a street album called One Minute To Midnight, and as he adds the final touches to the project in full, you can listen to one of its songs right now called “Goin’ Nowhere”, produced by J. Glaze and features Skyzoo and Lydia Caesar. If it moves you, consider buying it below from Amazon.

FREE MP3 DL: Cyrano Sinatra featuring Skyzoo & Trife’s “Trouble”

Back 2 Lyfe is the forthcoming album from Cyrano Sinatra, who titled his album in that fashion because some may have thought he has disappeared. He has not, and he’s proving himself with a full length project with a group of other people there to assist him.

If you like the song above, feel free to download it below via Hulkshare.

VIDEO: “Demos: An Independent Artists’ Guide to Success” (documentary trailer)

In the digital age, when artists are more than capable of taking the DIY-route and releasing music themselves, making their own money on their own terms, does one still have to sent out demonstration CD’s, files, and perhaps cassettes in 2012 to be heard? You might think that the process is obsolete, but there’s a forthcoming documentary that says the demonstration recording, commonly known as a “demo”, is essential not only to be heard, but as a means for survival.

The documentary is called Demos: An Independent Artists’ Guide to Success, and some of the people interviewed for it include Skyzoo, RapperBigPooh, Talib Kweli, Jean Grae, Crooked I, <B<DJ Quik, Tech N9ne, Freeway, and many more, all of whom will talk about the process of not only recording a demo, but what an artist needs to know in order to not only treat their networking as a business, but understand that it is a “business” and not just dropping lyrics for the hell of it. While the focus is hip-hop, the means in which to be heard and how to keep at it is valid for all music genres, so consider it a healthy exchange of information through the artists who rap for a living.

You can find out more about this project by going to

REVIEW: Sean Price’s “Kimbo Price”

Kimbo Price Sean Price is really to kick anyone in the jaws without regret, hell you might get hit and not even know what happened to you. Despite the length of the songs (23 in total) on this CD, Kimbo Slice (Duck Down/Fat Beats) may be promoted as a mix tape-type situation but it holds up very well as an album. It’s album length, but these songs come and go without thought and goes right into the next one,a bit like a Monty Python episode. It shows that when you’re able to deliver the goods, you’re also able to change your name throughout your discography. Sean Price states that he would like to be known as “Megasean”, and maybe in a month or two he will switch his name again. The approach here is raw, loose, and as hard as a ruthless street fight. If you listen to this as a traditional album, it may come off as a hip-hop opera. From afar, these songs may not have a cohesive theme, but the overall vibe is one of strength and dominance, that of an MC who someone who is proud to call himself Kimbo Price (Vision/Duck Down). This is that no-nonsense hip-hop shit. I can imagine a few people saying this is nothing but hip-hop for those with short-attention spans, but they’re not listening that closely or deeply.

Rock and Law join up with Sean Price in the bitch ass “Hot”, while St. Maffew‘s appearance in the blues-based “Weed & Hoes” is a celebration of hot bitches and choice pakalolo. “Suicide Door” may begin with a tentative-rock edge, but then the beat kicks in and as Price talks about how he just came out fresh out of his mom’s pussy, he’s figuratively and literally going in deeper. It’s random at times, the way subjects come and go, but as much as it’s not meant to sound like a proper album, it is. It’s what made those old mix tapes of yesteryear so powerful. Now, what makes this different from a younger artist who may do random songs for the sake of being a superstar? Execution and knowledge of what makes a good rap song great. A lot of artists are nothing but mindless blah blah, and Sean Price isn’t mindless, nor delivering any level of blah. In these short-but-sweet songs, he’s on a mission towards releasing yet another album, and yet I wish more artists would treat their mix tape missions thet same way Prince does, because this is a certified winner.

REVIEW: Skyzoo’s “The Salvation”

Image and video hosting by TinyPic There has been an incredible buzz for this MC known as Skyzoo and if you are a hip-hop head, then you’ll know the use of the term “MC” isn’t something I throw out like free bus passes. This means that his new album, The Salvation (Jamla/Duck Down) is an album that is performed by a gifted individual who knows how to turn his wicked flows into masterpieces to be.

Upon hearing tracks like “Popularity”, “The Necessary Evils”, and “Dear Whoever”, you’ll know why Duck Down decided to sign this. The voice, flow, swagger, the attitide, and just the essence of what is within these songs: this is someone of quality and substance, someone who understands what rap music actually is. It’s nice to hear someone who can present himself as an MC, go out on stage and deliver decent hip-hop, and better. He’d probably be welcome on a Dilated Peoples or Blue Scholars track. With productions from Just Blaze, Black Milk, Illmind, Nottz, Needlz, and 9th Wonder among others, Skyzoo has put faith in these guys to enhance his already powerful style, and they succeed. This represents Brooklyn to the fullest, and it sounds like home.