FREE MP3 DL: DJ JS-1 featuring Ill Bill & Slaine’s “Profreshionals”

If you are familiar with DJ JS-1, then you are in a good place now, for you’re about to check out one of his new songs, “Profreshionals”, titled that way because it’s good to be hi-pro but also better to be fresh with it as well. Now, do you know who Ill Bill is? If so, you’re going to like “Profreshionals”. Let’s add to this equation, it’s not done yet: are you aware of Slaine? That’s the third part, and now the equation is complete, so welcome yourself in and have a listen to it or even better: download it for free, while supplies last.

FREE MP3 DOWNLOAD: La Coka Nostra’s “Malverde Market”

La Coka Nostra will be releasing a new album next year called Masters Of The Dark Arts, to be released around May, but you can have an early preview right now.

The song is called “Malverde Market” (4.37mb), produced by Ill Bill, and it’s a legitimate upload, so have no fear. Then again, these guys are called La Coka Nostra, what you care? For a preview of the track, click this. The scenes shown are taken from the Alejandro Jodorowsky film Holy Mountain.