AUDIO: Slam Skillet’s “Connective (Miss Modular Remix)”

You may know the music of Sam Stevens as Slam Skillet, and with his EP being released tomorrow, there will be more to look forward to. The release is called Collagen (DIRTY//CLEAN) so insert it into your lips and other appropriate region when you get it and check out a remix by Miss Modular of “Connective”. I could easily see people on the dance floor vibrating and sweating to this profusely.

AUDIO: Slam Skillet’s “Incisor”

Get loose without smoos, and do it with “Incisor”, a blast of a song by Slam Skillet, a part of the SKillet family of music. In truth, Slam Skillet is an item but the item is represented by a 22-year old guy named Sam Stevens, who makes music that mixes power, repetition, minimalism, and strength. He has an EP coming out on the DIRTY//CLEAN label called Collagen and you may have a hint of what he’s throwing out to the world. Check out “Incisor”.