REVIEW: Sleepmakeswaves’ “Love Of Cartography”

 photo SleepmakeswavesLOC_cover_zps43fa6675.jpg If post-rock has spokesmen, Sleepmakeswaves would be a band that would stand amongst some of the best spokespeople around. Love Of Cartography (Waterfront) is the latest album from this Australian group who pound the shit out of their instruments with harmony and kindness, which is a way of saying that while they are a powerful band who use volume and strength to carry their electricity to the next level, they also understand the in between steps to create wonderful songs. As with previous efforts, this album is completely instrumental and they do things in a careful manner, step by step, so that each listener will be able to travel along with them slowly but surely. When you know something is about to happen, you may or may not feel it. When you’re let go out of an airplane and meant to fall, you’re unsure of how you will land but take the ride anyway. It’s also a great album for those who love their music riff driven, which evenly balances out for those who may prefer textures, bridges, and other things that are a way for them to go on different journeys. It’s a wonderful ride from start to finish, especially for those who prefer to hear music without words, or to know of a song with nothing but just a title as an identifier. Love Of Cartography is an album that holds up well and will remember long after its final notes leave the speakers.

SOME STUFFS: Sleepmakeswaves awaken to share song from new album

 photo Sleepmakeswaves_old_zps332cb07b.jpg
Sleepmakeswaves have not been quiet in their Australian headquarters, in fact, they’ve been finishing up the final touches on their new album. It is complete, and they want to share a song with you. “Traced In Constellations” will find its way on their second long player, Love of Cartography (Bird’s Robe), so have a listen and make it glisten in your ears. September 23 is the day of release, please make a note of it.

SOME STUFFS: sleepmakeswaves to make a worldwide release of their debut release

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Australia’s sleepmakeswaves may be unfamiliar to some of you, but don’t worry, time is of the essence. The band were pushed into the forefront with the release of …and so we destroyed everything, which was nominated for the Australian equivalent of a Grammy, the ARIA (Australian Recording Industry Association). Not bad for a debut album. To make that success something worth spreading around the world, Monotreme will be releasing it in a big fashion on September 24th, and you’re now able to check out one of its tracks, “in limbs and joints”.

The CD version will be a double disc set, which will include a 9-track bonus CD called …and then they remixed everything, containing reworkings by Kyson, Glasfrosch, and 65daysofstatic, among others. The vinyl pressing (180g) will be done in three different color schemes, each one featuring a free CD of the album, a poster, and download code to get the remix album. Both the album and the remixed version will be separately obtainable through digital means.