VIDEO: Slow No Wake’s “Leave The Light On”

 photo SlowNoWake_old_zps9e3ecbab.jpg
Adam Theron-Lee Rensch is Slow No Wake, and Slow No Wake is Adam Theron-Lee Rensch. They are one and the same. Apparently his story involves making music since 2003, recording on everything that he could find lying around. While he was in a heavy metal band as a guitarist, working at a music store lead him to explore more music, and thus himself. He wanted to create music that was inclusive and exclusive, but also expressive. He recorded the music on his self-titled album in various places in Ohio, which wouldn’t have materialized until a music blog made him realize he should take his hobby a bit more seriously. He says that he wanted to make an album that “sounded like the way it feels to float in water.” “Leave The Light On” is a bit of the nautical.

If you like what you hear, you can listen to more by streaming his album via Bandcamp below.