VIDEO: Windhand’s “Two Urns”

Grief’s Infernal Flower (Relapse) is the latest album from the gracious Windhand and half a year after its release, it is still as strong and powerful as it was in September. If you’ve had the album for awhile, you’re going to love what they did with the song “Two Urns” but if you’ve been hesitant to get this, maybe this will be the reason for you to get a copy.

VIDEO: Seven Sisters Of Sleep’s “War Master”

Ezekiel’s Hags (Relapse) is the forthcoming album from Seven Sisters Of Sleep to be released oN February 5th. The baby is recorded, mixed and mastered and they began sharing music from it two weeks ago with the song “War Master”. Now you’re able to see the video they made for it, complete with found imagery that may make you go “what the hell is going on?” If so, good, that’s how they want it.

AUDIO: Seven Sisters Of Sleep’s “War Master”

The demons of doomsters are back once again and you know who I’m talking about, right? Well, the person of interest is in the subject line above but it’s SEVEN SISTERS OF SLEEP, GUNFUNNIT!!! Mark February 5th within your digital databases, as that’s the day SSOS will be reasing a new album called Ezekiel’s Hags (Relapse) and now you can hear one, just one, song from it, the very nice and delicate (right) “War Masters”. Amazon already has the album to pre-order, you may head there below.

FREE DL: Major Kong’s “Galactic Cannibalism” (EP)

Major Kong photo MajorKong_old_zpsujon230z.jpg
A Polish trio by the name of Major Kong… let’s face it, it couldn’t be any more appropriate. They are a doom metal band who throw in nice slivers of fat and sludge to their sound, which they demonstrate on their new EP released today called Galactic Cannibalism. Stream it in full here, free of charge but consider using the “Name Your Price” option.

AUDIO: Mammoth Weed Wizard Bastard’s “Les Paradis Artificiels”

 photo MWWBastard_pic_zpsc7cpzwrn.jpg
The name may sound sinister but perhaps they are, in their own way, ministers. They’re called Mammoth Weed Wizard Bastard and they’re happy with that distinction. This band out of Wales are going to release a debut album soon and while it’s great to remember semi-lengthy names, you may also choose to call them MWWB, although doing that means adding an additional syllable. No matter, you’ll get to know the band and you remember them however you’re comfortable with, but I’ll share with you a song from it called “Les Paradis Artificiels”. That may be somewhat difficult for some but if Alex Trebek would be able to say it with ease, then you’ll have to learn to make it flow from your mouth nicely.

As for the album, it will be titled Noeth Ac Anoeth (New Heavy Sounds) and it only consists of three songs, with an edited version of “Les Paradis Artificiels” being posted for convenience. They’re into this for the long haul and they’re not bothering to take risks, take it or leave it. It may be wise to take it and tell the world about it. The album will be out on December 4th.

REVIEW: Limb’s “Terminal”

Limb photo Limb_cover_zpsz9qnk4lp.jpg The impregnant wounds of Limb have created a solid bulk fest of sludge metal that makes it feel like the lower are lowest, only for them to get lower than that, and that is the strength in Terminal. I think if you base your opinions first on an album cover, you might say “wow, this looks like a pleasure trip or a vacation to a good place but the sound is so heavy and warped, it may lead you to say “what is going on here?” The difference is that sometimes, the heavy sounds can and is a beautiful thing. The lyrics may sound dark or melancholy at first that that’s the strength in their songwriting. A song like “Dawn Raiders” may remind some of Motörhead while the melody and textures of “Down By The Banks” may surprise some fans upon first listen. There’s a level of sympathetic crust that cannot be denied, so why dwell into its orbital and get deeper into its sonic orbits? Maybe it doesn’t matter. For those who love their metal on the thick and swampy side of things, Terminal is an aural place you will not want to escape any time soon.

(Terminal will be released on September 11th.)


AUDIO: Limb’s “Dawn Raiders”

Limb photo Limb_old_zpsufz234qx.jpg
British Doom/sludge band Limb have been locked up in the dungeons of their mind to write and record some music and now they’re ready to throw it out to people. New Heavy Sounds will be releasing Terminal on the 11th of September and they’re so impatient (not really, but it’s a way to sound dramatic), they want to throw out just one song to you right now. It’s called “Dawn Raiders” so if you’ve been waiting for their dirge into the mind, here it is.

VIDEO: Windhand’s “Crypt Key”

Jordan Vance directed the new one by Windhand called “Crypt Key”, taken from their new album called Grief’s Infernal Flower (Relapse), which will be out on September 18th. Be patient, it’s just around the corner.


SOME STUFFS: Gaytheist and ᴚABBITS split album to be released in just under three weeks

Gaythiest/ᴚABBITS photo GAYBITS_cover_zpsvnor6vyl.jpg
As reported two months ago, the gents in Gaytheist and ᴚABBITS will be releasing a split album on Good To Die Records and we’re now closer to that moment, August 21st to be exact. The album will be called GAY*BITS and everyone involved has decided to share a track. ᴚABBITS offer their song called “Ready To Right”, which you can listen to by going to while Gaytheist tell you why you should “Run To Away From Home”, which you can hear over at

AUDIO: Killed In Public’s “Vistas Of Hate”
If your favorite style of metal leans towards the extreme, you’ll want to check out a Swedish band who call themselves Killed In Public. Vistas Of Hate is their new EP that is out on cassette but also available digitally. It’s a bit of sludge and doom mixed in with occasional bursts of punk and equally hectic brutality. It has the quality of a demo tape but just as powerful as a project with a bigger budget. Only 40 cassettes of this EP has been made, snag one while you can.