VIDEO: All Your Friend’s Friends’ “Jump Kick The Legs”

A hip-hop song created from samples found within the K Records catalog? An indie rock fantasy come true.

How about this: an entire album featuring songs featuring samples found within the K Records catalog? Yes, an entire album. The video above is for the song “Jump Kick The Legs”, featuring a hip-hop scene within the pacific Northwest that you might not have heard from before: Olympia, Washington. Oly has been a mecca for punk and indie rock for decades and now they’re giving hip-hop a try. The song was produced by Smoke M2D6 and features rappers such as Xperience, Zikki, Jesus Chris, Candidt, Nicatine, Hashtronaut, Swamp Tiger, Miz, Ang P, Heretic, Shellz Sck, and Luvva J. Get to know them a bit and get involved with what they’re about. The All Your Friend’s Friends compilation album will be out on November 11th and I’ll have a review of it very soon.