VIDEO: Snow Tha Product’s “Let U Go”

Valentine’s Day is over but dealing with relationships are a lifelong thing and when it comes to the downside, Snow Tha Product has something to say about it in her new clip for “Let U Go”, nicely shot by Mr. Woke Productions. The product itself comes courtesy of producer DJ Pumba.

AUDIO: Snow Tha Product’s “7 Days”

Snow Tha Product photo SnowTha_old_zpssevw4mkk.jpg
BeatsCraze produced a track for Snow Tha Product called “7 Days” and if you find 7 ways to like it, it may be just too much. Or not, it could be just right for you.

What could also be right for you is checking her out on tour as part of the #BeenWokeTour, see where she’ll be showing up in the following weeks:

November 4… Flagstaff, AZ (Orpheum Theater)
November 5… Albuquerque, NM (Sunshine Theater)
November 6… Lubbock, TX (Jake’s Backroom)
November 9… Houston, TX (Warehouse (Studio))
November 10… San Antonio, TX (Alamo City Music Hall)
November 11… Dallas, TX (Trees)
November 12… Austin, TX (Grizzly Hall)
November 13… Tulsa, OK (Cain’s Ballroom)
November 15… St Louis, MO (Old Rock House)
November 16… Louisville, KY (Diamond Pub Concert Hall)
November 17… Chicago, IL (Bottom Lounge)
November 18… Indianapolis, IN (Emerson Theatre)
November 20… Minneapolis, MN (Fine Line Music Hall)
November 22… Des Moines, IA (Wooly’s)
November 23… Omaha, NE (Slowdown)
November 25… Colorado Springs, CO (Black Sheep)
November 26… Denver, CO (Cervantes’ Masterpiece)
November 29… Reno, NV (Jub Jub’s Thirst Parlor)
November 30… San Francisco, CA (Social Hall SF)
December 1… Fresno, CA (Strummers)
December 2… Los Angeles, CA (The Echoplex)

VIDEO: Snow Tha Product’s “No Lie”

Snow Tha Product photo SnowTha_old_zpsbwn3kwk8.jpg
We’re just around the corner from autumn but Snow Tha Product is letting everyone know she’s not about to fall with this new track called “No Lie” and while she continues to touch on social narcotics, this new one is about a different type of socializing, one that has to do with personal dynamics, perhaps you can relate to it. The song was produced by DJ Pumba so have at it.

VIDEO: Snow Tha Product’s “Hola”

When Snow Tha Product releases something new, it means sit and listen or watch. Pull over to the side, walk over to the next bench, stop, and concentrate. In this case she has released a video for the song “Hola”, and she’s doing it with the kind of flow that will mess up the notion of what to expect from someone like her, and the fact that you must resort to calling her “someone like her”. Get that out of the noggin and just get this into your consciousness.

FREE MP3 DOWNLOAD: Snow Tha Product’s “Good Nights & Bad Mornings” (street album)

Snow Tha Product
After releasing a number of tracks and videos, Snow Tha Product has released a street album in the form of Good Nights & Bad Mornings, which you are able to stream and listen, or download for free. The album features productions from Sap, Money Moss, Keise On Track, Mike Nef, ID Labs, and Magnificent, and if you’ve seen or heard the tracks that were posted here on, then you most likely have paved the way for her in your listening habit. If not, do so now.

VIDEO: Snow Tha Product’s “Good Girls” (two versions)

When an artist makes more than one video for a song, I tend to like it because it shows a conscious effort to do something unique. Not everyone makes two different videos, but in this case Snow Tha Product has created two different edits for the song “Good Girls”. Both can be considered sexy in its own way, but one is “bad” for a reason. Find out for yourself.

La bien:

La mal:

VIDEO: Snow Tha Product’s “Til Death”

When love and romance goes south, what happens? One tends to go through a lot of mental games, a head trip, or one goes through the motions in order to make the transformation from “bad phase” to “optimism phase” go smoothly. Smow Tha Product makes an effort to show what that process may look like in “Til Death”. I would have loved a second version of the video, where she’s in the car with her lover, but she drops out of the car with her wedding gown as the car goes over the cliff. Or at least you’d see the reflection of the fire on the shot of her wearing her dress to show that the car exploded, but people might end up blaming Snow Tha Product for inspiring something sinister. Nonetheless, the song and video works for me, and it should for you too.

VIDEO: Snow Tha Product’s “Starry Eyed”

Snow Tha Product has been quite active in creating videos as of late, and good reason: there’s a mixtape on the way called Unorthodox 0.5, and this is a track from it. When I saw the title, in my mind I had a completely different sample/instrumental set for it (possible remix?). For fans, she may not be “completely different”, but I think she is an artist who looks to be “complete”. In a world where there are more vocal opinions, I think what is considered “complete” for an artist might make people reveal their fickleness, but Snow Tha Product doesn’t have time for the fickle, as she might be making ten more videos by the time anyone is settled with an answer. Or perhaps she already knows some are “Starry Eyed” by her talents and is ready to juggle the fickle?

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