VIDEO: Snowgoons featuring Passionate MC’s “Cypher God”

When the Snowgoons do stuff, you know it has to be good, or at least you expect for them to do the best and this new track is no exception. “Cypher God” features the talent of Passionate MC, where his name is self-explanatory. The song, taken from their Goon Bap album (available for purchase below via, is in honor of the late Sean Price.

VIDEO: Aspects featuring Raekwon, Killah Priest & Armageddon’s “Wulocks”

Snowgoons have produced a fantastic morsel for Aspects, who brings in Raekwon, Killah Priest, and Armageddon to create the finely made “Wulocks”, visually created by Street Hearted. It will find its way on the forthcoming Aspects’ album Grind Over Matter, due at the end of the month.

VIDEO: Snowgoons featuring M-Dot, Jaysaun & Journalist 103’s “Still Real & Raw”

If you were “Still Real & Raw”, what would you do? In the words of Snowgoons, you would turn it into a song. This means they were real and raw in the first place, but are they still real and raw? They asked M-Dot, Jaysaun, and Journalist 103 to help discuss the issue and the final song is revealed here.

VIDEO: Virtuoso’s “If You Lost Someone”

When you have a lady by your side, that can sometimes be all you’ll need. But a lady that smiles while nodding her head to the groove? She is a keeper, and Virtuoso knows about this as that’s part of the imagery you’ll see in his video for the Snowgoons-produced “If You Lost Someone”. That type of lady would be someone who would not want to lose, especially when the love is strong.

The song originates from Virtuoso’s “CoVirt Ops: Infantry album on the Goon MuSick label.