FREE MP3 DOWNLOAD: Sole featuring Man Mantis’ “The Jungle Of The Real”

As of Sole doesn’t have enough going on in his life right now, he has a new album ready to deliver to the people in the form of A Ruthless Criticism Of Everything Existing. That title is very much what Sole is about, and this is a sliver of that ruthless criticism with a song he did with Man Mantis called “The Jungle Of The Real”, and at a time when rainforests continue to disappear, this is a jungle that is worth being concerned about.

VIDEO: Sole’s “I Think I’m Ben Bernanke”

To paraphrase Flavor Flav, he doesn’t think he’s Ben Bernanke, he knows he’s Ben Bernanke. You’re probably going “what the hell does that have to do with anything?” Let me rewind.

Sole is working at a pace that is annoying, I’ll say that off the top. The moment I come up with three things to do, this guy has already accomplished 12, is working on 15 more, and he’s doing research on tours, collaborations, future projects, and perhaps coming up with a new vegan meal or two. Again, “what the hell does that have to do with anything?” Let me try this one more time.

Sole has come out with a new mixtape, and it’s not filled with songs, they are Dispatches. They’re mission statements, and they can be found on Dispatches From The American Fall, which is out this fall, but with Sole it’s always more than just the surface. It’s a social and political album that covers the fall of America, or at least the decline of many things in the United States from his perspective. If he’s making this kind of music in 2011, I can only imagine what Sole plans in the forthcoming Election Year. “I Think I’m Ben Bernanke” is a song from the new mixtape album, and what he does isn’t just nice, it’s needed. Listen to the music and there are brutal basslines and LFO’s that you might expect to hear in a club on the dancefloor, making people eager. This is the kind of song that is meant to place fear into the fearless, to cut down those who are holier than thou so they can see things on a street level.

You can hear the accumulation of Dispatches by downloading the album via Bandcamp (see the player below).

AUDIO: Sole’s “The Casey Anthony Blues”

I’ve known of Sole since the days when you had to pay an hourly rate for world wide web access on Prodigy. One of hip-hop’s endearing “digital immigrants”, he continues to record music and speak his mind with a ruthless passion, and anyone who listens, yay or nay, can’t help but say he’s one of the hardest working out there. Keeping himself of the times, this is a brand new track called “The Casey Anthony Blues”. Those of you outside of the U.S. may be unfamiliar with Casey Anthony and her story, but she had been on trial for the death of her young daughter, and a jury turned in a not guilty verdict on all of the major charges. Rather than get to it in full, do a Google search or click to this CNN article. “The Casey Anthony Blues” may be one of many views out there, but to hear it in music form, so quickly after the verdict came down three days ago, shows determination on Sole’s part.

Sole has a deep discography, both hard copy and digital, you can access some of his digital archives by clicking to his Soundcloud page.

VIDEO: Sole & the Skyrider Band “Hello Cruel World”

I’ve known of Sole for almost 17 years, and as long as I have been aware of his music and ways of living, he has never been someone willing to slow down for anyone or anything. Call him an adventurous, consider him someone willing to take risks, or if you want to get down to it, he does it for himself. In 2011 he remains very busy, and he will be releasing his third album with The Skyrider Band on July 19th. The single for “Hello Cruel World”, with two remixes of the track, can be purchased by heading to, or click the box below which will take you to Amazon.

VIDEO: Sole’s “The Long War (Lupe Fiasco Words I Never Said Detournment)”

Sole has been very active in the last year with an intense amount of new music and video projects he has been taking part in, which has even surprised Sole himself. He will be going on tour in a few weeks and if this pace is any indication, it may become a must-see tour this year.

In this track, he speaks about how fed up he is with record labels and he is not holding back on his thoughts.

VIDEO: Kaigen’s “Spear & Shield”

I’m loving this. This is Kaigen, who had Thavius Beck do a track for him. The end result is “Spear & Shield”, which is incredible. If Kaigen sounds (or looks) familiar to you, you may remember him from his work with Curse Ov Dialect. Kaigen has been popping up in a number of places this year, you may have heard his collaboration with Sole.

Kaigen is hard at work on his new album, due out sometime in 2011.

VIDEO: “The Pyre” trailer

Tim Holland (known as Sole, formerly of Anticon fame) and Ravi Zupa have collaborated in a project called The Pyre, said to be a 72-page “illustrated epic poem with an accompanying full length audiobook/album” that is meant to represent “the confusion, violence, hope, and voice of twelve thousand years spent digging in the mud.”

It’s definitely heady material, done in a manner that will definitely please Sole fans. The music, recorded between analog 8-track and a computer, will be both vocalized tracks and instrumentals, which you will play interactively with the book. Of course you can play the music without it, but all of the elements were brought together to create the experience of The Pyre. To find out more about the project and how you can pre-order copy, head to