VIDEO: Soul Khan featuring Arthur Lewis’ “Rusted Ghosts”

A tattoo session is a part of the scenario and/or situation that is “Rusted Ghosts”, the new video by Soul Khan that also features Arthur Lewis assisting in the musical presentation. A man named Brood Baby directed this one for them, and the song is taken from Soul Khan’s new EP, Psalm.

REVIEW: Deejay Element’s “Reality Kings And Reason” (EP)

Deejay Element photo DJLMNT_cover_zps9a200826.jpg Not willing to rest for anyone, including himself, Deejay Element is back with a new release, this one an EP called Reality Kings And Reason.

With five tracks to choose from, one is able to hear the man’s means of production, heightened by the likes of J57, Koncept, Sene, ScienZe, Soul Khan and others getting down by dropping lyrics and flows over the greatness. The loops, drums, horn samples… just everything about it is good and I think the man could do no wrong. It’s nice nonetheless, and as a debut EP, it’s impressive. More EP’s, more singles, bring on that album.

(Reality Kings And Reason can be downloaded for free. I’m unable to embed the download button, but head to to check it out for yourself.)

FREE DOWNLOAD: Willie Green’s “Days Of Future Past” (street album)

Willie Green
“Breathe deep…”

No, this is not a reference to The Moody Blues album, but Days of Future Past is a brand new product from Willie Green, and this one is packed with some nice tracks and beat excursions, a total of 38 songs in total. Whether it’s a view of tracks featuring other rappers or explorations of his beat genius, this is one that serves as a decent street or beat album, but also as a “resume tape” of sorts, including a few gems you might be familiar with, including the great “Diary Of A Dreamer” featuring PremRock.

It’s free for the taking, so stream and listen if you like, and if you really like, download it in the format of your choice.

FREE MP3 DOWNLOAD: J57 featuring Soul Khan, Rob Kelly, Juan Deuce & DJ Brace’s “Sam Kinison’s Revenge”

J57 has released a new EP called 2057, and from it you can download a track for free called “Sam Kinison’s Revenge”. This song features the likes of Soul Khan, Rob Kelly, Juan Deuce & DJ Brace, working it out together for a damn good jam.

FREE MP3 DOWNLOAD: Koncept featuring Soul Khan’s “Aspirations”

Hey, how come I didn’t hear about this? Well, considering the amount of good (and sometimes bad) things I receive for observation, consideration, and review, I most likely missed it. What did I miss? The video for “Aspirations” by Koncept and Soul Khan, this one produced by J57. However, if you like the song and video but don’t have the MP3, fear not: they’re allowing you to download it for free, which means “legal”. Download without fear.

VIDEO: Soul Khan’s “Hold On”

There are many artists who have done songs called “Hold On”: En Vogue, Triumph, and Wilson Phillips immediately come to mind. However, I feel that Soul Khan‘s “Hold On” beats them all, and the video for it is a lot better (and funnier) too. It seems in his world, a thinner Santa Claus is angry and ready to smack fools, but as he says in the song, he’s “been raw since Prince Paul was Stetsasonic“. I’m sold.

REVIEW: PremRock & Willie Green’s self-titled album

Photobucket The cover consists of a wall outdoors with a hole looking at a street corner. Is it the perspective of someone looking from “the other side of the tracks”, and is the hole looking at the optimism of what’s beyond the walls, or a look at the street corner? Whatever it may or may not mean, it is a way to help move your mind and wonder “what lurks inside?”

The inside in question is a self-titled album by rapper PremRock and producer Willie Green, and outside of this being a showcase of their talents, what I’m finding on this album is that they explore various eras of hip-hop in their flows and production styles but without it being a retrospective project. These are new tracks and when you hear them, you may question why so many aren’t doing it this way. “Had To Be Me” features C-Rayz Walz and Soul Khan and DJ Addikt doing some scratches. Together they create something that would be perfect on an M.O.P album circa 1999 or 2001.

PremRock isn’t afraid to speak eloquently and more importantly, it doesn’t sound forced or as if he’s trying to cater. Within that eloquence are lyrics that are very personal, but he’s also someone willing to attack other MC’s for the sake of suPREMacy. When he’s laid back, he can put you in that laid back mood with a relaxing flow, but what compliments the flow are the lyrics that have nothing to do with brand names, fashion accessories, or an Amazon wish list.

If you check the archives of this very website, you know that I’m a Willie Green fan. His work on this album is of someone who truly loves his work, but with that love comes someone who truly listens for more than just break and sample potential. In “Move” there’s a loop that consists of nothing but “in room” dialogue, while “Kill Your Idols” has a few familiar sounds that could’ve been produced sometime in 1988. However, that hypnotizing boom in the background hits perfectly along with a ritual rhythm where you’re thinking “does this refer to Africa or Alabama?” (if you know your samples, you’ll know exactly what I’m referring to when hearing the song.)

One of the many standout lines on this album is “the sooner you kill your idols, the quicker you grow”, and that’s exactly what PremRock and Willie Green are doing here. It’s not forgetting the past, but both are saying you can’t rely on the past forever, nor should you. When you create music for yourself, and thus the future, you by default are taking what came before on your current musical journey, so that the “tribe vibe” that the Jungle Brothers once spoke about will be vibrant and not become a “dead genre”. PremRock and Willie Green are simply making music and together they create a very nice formula that I hope will continue for more projects, but it will also allow them to both do their own thing as they continue on their incredible musical and lyrical paths. In other words: a damn good album made by two people who use their intelligence to create music for those who truly love good hip-hop.