FREE DL: Sareem Poems & Ozay Moore’s “Soap Opera (Soulseize Remix)”

Illect Recordings have released a new single by Sareem Poems and Ozay Moore and this one is not only “Soap Opera” but you get to hear it remixed by Soulseize. It’s available as a free download but highly consider using the “Name Your Price” option and showing a b

AUDIO: Imperial & K.I.N.E.T.I.K. featuring Oddisee’s “Travel the Map (Soulseize Remix)

You may already be familiar with “Travel The Man” by Imperial & K.I.N.E.T.I.K. but I would like to present to you a remix of it done by Soulseize. Here it is, BAM, and you might say GOD DAMN! Let this be a blast to your mind this summer.

FREE MP3 DL: Theory Hazit featuring LMNO’s “It’s So Sweet (Soulseize Remix)”

This may sound like a complex equation so follow me for just a moment. Theory Hazit did a song called “It’s So Sweet”. It features rapper LMNO and some turntable help from DJ PA. The song is from Theory’s Modern Marvels album on Illect, but this mix was done by Soulseize so if you liked the original, you’re sure to be into this new version too.