SOME STUFFS: Chris Robinson Brotherhood add dates to forthcoming tour

Chris Robinson Brotherhood photo ChrisRobinson_old_zps5cqcidce.jpg
Chris Robinson Brotherhood are anxiously awaiting to release their new album called Anyway You Love, We Know How You Feel but they’ll have to wait until July 29th, as that’s the day Robinson decided to release it through his own Silver Arrow label.

Another thing coming up is more shows, as the group had been on tour and are currently taking a few weeks off before returning to get back on the steel horse they ride. They’ve added to the tour but all of the shows from next week until mid-September are still valid.

July 1… Quincy, CA (High Sierra Music Festival)
July 15… Charleston, SC (The Music Farm)
July 16… Orlando, FL (The Beacham)
July 17… Fort Lauderdale, FL (Culture Room)
July 19… St. Petersburg, FL (The State Theatre)
July 21… Macon, GA (Cox Capital Theatre)
July 22… Augusta, GA (Sky City)
July 23… Wilmington, NC (Greenfield Lake Amphitheater)
July 24… Norfolk, VA (The Norva)
July 26… Asbury Park, NJ (The Stone Pony)
July 27… Annapolis, MD (Rams Head Onstage)
July 29… Fairfield, CT (The Warehouse)
July 30… Beverly, MA (The Cabot)
July 31… Plymouth, NH (Flying Monkey)
August 5… Stowe, VT (The Rusty Nail)
August 6… Hartford, CT (Infinity Hall)
August 7… Newton, NJ (The Newton Theatre)
August 25… Arrington, VA (LOCKN’)
September 16… Morrison, CO (Red Rocks Amphitheater)
September 21… Buffalo, NY (Town Ballroom)
September 23… Pontiac, MI (Crofoot Ballroom)
September 25-26… Cleveland, OH (Beachland Ballroom)
September 29… Stroudsburg, PA (Sherman Theater)
September 30-October 1… Boston, MA (Paradise Rock Club)
October 2… Syracuse, NY (Westcott Theatre)
October 4… Grand Rapids, MI (The Intersection)
October 6… Cincinnati, OH (20th Century Theater)
October 7… Nashville, TN (Cannery Ballroom)
October 8… Columbia, MO (The Blue Note)
October 9… Omaha, NE (Slowdown)
October 11… Minneapolis, MN (Varsity Theater)
October 13… Indianapolis, IN (Deluxe @ Old National Center)
October 14… Chicago, IL (Thalia Hall)
October 15… Madison, WI (Majestic Theatre)
October 16… Milwaukee, WI (Turner Hall Ballroom)
October 20… Louisville, KY (Headliner’s Music Hall)
October 21… Charlotte, NC (The Neighborhood Theater)

Anyway You Love, We Know How You Feel is available for pre-order below via

VIDEO: Avatarium’s “Pearls And Coffin”

“Pearls And Coffin” is a new one from Avatarium, taken from their latest album The Girl With The Raven Mask (Nuclear Blast). It’s very bluesy with a nice Southern rock feel yet still feeling quite modern. The album was released this past October and you may order your copy by clicking the cover below, which will take you to Amazon.

RECORD CRACK: Lynyrd Skynyrd vinyl box set in the new year

 photo LynyrdBox_cover_zps8162c70a.jpg
Lynyrd Skynyrd are one of the greatest rock bands ever and you don’t have to believe me, they’re on classic rock radio every day, if not every hour. Universal are coming out with a vinyl box set featuring all of their studio albums between 1973 to 1977, along with the grand live album that remains one of the best live albums ever made too. They include:

(Pronounced ‘Lĕh-‘nérd ‘Skin-‘nérd) (1973)
Second Helping (1974)
Nuthin’ Fancy (1975)
Gimme Back My Bullets (1976)
One More From The Road (1976)
Street Survivors (1977)

Despite they were only able to make five studio albums before the 1977 plane crash that killed three members of the band, a band manager, and two pilots, their music still lives on and can be remembered in this new pressing, which will be sold in exact reproductions of the original artwork (i.e. no budget reissue quality pressings) and will be on 180g quality vinyl, all stored in a solid slipcase box. This set will be released on January 26th and can be pre-ordered now by clicking here from

SOME STUFFS: Howlin Rain to brave the winter roads

Howlin Rain photo HowlinRain_old_zpsfd2d618f.jpg
Just because Howlin Rain is now essentially a solo project doesn’t mean he can’t round up some new friends and head out on tour. That is exactly what Ethan Miller will be doing next year when he and said friends will gather as Howlin Rain and brave the road in support of their Mansion Songs album due out January 27th. This is where they’re scheduled to be, primarily west coast dates for the time being:

February 25, 2015… Arcata, CA (Humbrews)
February 26, 2015… Portland, OR (Mississippi Studios)
February 27, 2015… Seattle, WA (Tractor Tavern)
February 28, 2015… Vancouver, BC (The Hindenburg)
March 1, 2015… Bellingham, WA (Shakedown)
March 3, 2015… Boise, ID (Neurolux)
March 4, 2015… Salt Lake City, UT (Kilby Court)
March 5, 2015… Las Vegas, NV (The Bunkhouse)
March 6, 2015… Flagstaff, AZ (The Orpheum)
March 7, 2015… Santa Ana, CA (Constellation Room)
March 10, 2015… San Diego, CA (The Casbah)
March 11, 2015… Los Angeles, CA (The Echo)
March 12, 2015… Santa Cruz, CA (Crepe Place)
March 13, 2015… Oakland, CA (Leo’s)
March 14, 2015… Mill Valley, CA (Sweetwater)

Until then, check out a song from the album to come, a track called “Wild Bush”, which may be about shrubbery, good smokes, or perhaps it’s vaginal.

SOME STUFFS: Howlin Rain change into a sole project for new album

 photo HowlinRain_old_zpsfd2d618f.jpg
There was a time when Howlin Rain was the ID card for a fantastic band out of San Francisco, releasing a number of great albums that will hold up in the years to come. Then something happened. Vocalist Ethan Miller found himself without band members and with that, no record label to call home. Miller still had a passion to make music and rather than risk putting everything to rest, he decided to write a new set of music. That new set of music became a new album, and it’s credited as being Howlin Rain but now you’ll be able to hear things in an all new light, from an all new perspective. The album, to be released on January 27, 2015, is called Mansion Songs (Easy Sound) and will show Miller as someone going through much more than just the motions and emotions, but what he was able to bring forth to the recording studio is a set of songs that are sure to make Howlin Rain fans excited and perhaps bring a new set of listeners to his talents. Check out “Big Red Moon” and then wait a few more months before the new full length surfaces.

RECORD CRACK: A look at the new vinyl reissue of Mastodon’s “Leviathan”

Originally released in 2004, Mastodon’s Leviathan will be celebrating its 10th anniversary with a new vinyl pressing. Not only that, but there will be three different pressings to choose from including:

  • red (or what’s being called “oxblood red”
  • tri-color (red/gold/blue mix)
  • gold/bone white merge

    The tri-color pressing will be available exclusively through mail order.

    On top of that, there will also be a new Mastodon compilation LP gathering together essential early material. All of these goods can be seen through the video above.

  • SOME STUFFS: Howlin Rain to release first live album

    Photo by Tyler Green
     photo HowlinRain_old_zpsb89fd759.jpg
    The good folks of Howlin Rain will be doing something they’ve never done before: they’re about to release a live album. Entitled Live Rain (Silver Current), it is a 9-track album that will be released on vinyl, CD, cassette, and of course digital. Here is the official track listing:

    Side 1
    Phantom In The Valley (8:45)
    Self Made Man (11:04)

    Side 2
    Can’t Satisfy Me Now (8:45)
    Beneath Wild Wings (4:19)
    Lord Have Mercy (7:50)

    Side 3
    Hung Out In The Rain (6:07)
    Calling Lightning Pt. 2 (8:16)
    Dancers At The End Of Time (5:53)

    Side 4
    Roll On The Rusted Days (7:49)

    Right now, you can have a listen to “Self Made Man” from the album by pressing the play button below.

    While their covers of Howlin’ Wolf’s “Killing Floor” and “Evil” are not on the album, you can get a great feel for what they are like as a live band with the video below.

    Live Rain will be released on April 29th. The UK and Europe will find the album released on the Agitated label, and they’ll get it a day earlier than us. On top of this, the band are also hard at work on a new studio album to be released later in 2014.

    SOME STUFFS/RECORD CRACK: StoneRider goes for two with album #2

    Atlanta’s StoneRider will be releasing a new album on February 28th called Fountains Left To Wake and true to their love of music from the 70’s, the vinyl pressing will be a joyous 2-record set. Sure, it will also be released in the trendy digital formats but… eh.

    Critical response has been very good, leading to some very moving comparisons, but fans of all ages are enjoying it because it’s some damn good, down home rock’n’roll. Sometimes rock’n’roll has to go back home in order for it to come back stronger, but in the words of LL Cool J, don’t call it a comeback, the good stuff has been here for years, and StoneRider is a reawakening of what has always been good. Have a listen to the first single, “Trigger Happy”.

    REVIEW: Howlin Rain’s “The Russian Wilds”

    Photobucket The last time I heard from Howlin Rain, they ended up creating one of my favorite albums that year. They have done it again with the incredible The Russian Wilds (american recordings), and for fans of rock’n’roll done up Southern style with a richness in blues, and incredible vibe that is social and subtly sensual, you will be eating this up to the neck.

    The first band I thought of when I heard of when I heard the opening track, “Self Made Man”, was The Black Crowes, where it feels like they’ve bombarded the stage after a long void, and they’ll dig deep and unveil the kind of emotion and perceived warmth that will get fans to them and keep them there. Then you have “Strange Thunder” that might make people think of ballads by The Rolling Stones, if not Extreme (and that’s said without hate). It has “power ballad” status, but this songs a bit more genuine and not as a tool for mass acceptance. One might even think of the pleasantries of Lenny Kravitz‘s Mama Said album, especially the “Fields Of Love” song that opened his album.

    While I hate to use a term like “classic rock”, since it represents a style of music I grew up listening to so I still view it as “my music” and not something of the past, I’ll say this. If you are a fan of the music of days gone by, and you remember those tracks on albums where the first four minutes is just a precursor for the good stuff, you’ll find that on The Russian Wilds, as five of the songs are over six minutes each, with two going over eight, including the aforementoned “Self Made Man” and the multi-dimensional “Strange Thunder”.

    It’s human music made by actual people, and you’re probably thinking “is there anything else?” It’s a style of music that I hold close to my heart, with powerful arrangements and instrumentations, vocals and harmonies that’ll make you want to relate and sing along to, and one you know you’ll be listening to 20 years down the line, or perhaps one you hope you’ll give to your kids or grandchildren. It would be too easy to call this an “instant classic”, since the term is used a lot in hip-hop circles as a way to say “I like and love this now, nothing else matters”. However, I feel that in 10 to 20 years, the music created here by Howlin Rain will only then begin to mature with age, and its brilliance will be realized. Don’t wait, feel it now.

    (The Russian Wilds will be released on February 14th. You can hear it in full by clicking to