FREE DL: Fluent’s “Retro Future”

Royce da 5’9″, El Da Sensei, 9th Wonder, Khrysis, and SpaceGhostPurrp are just some of the people associating themselves on the new album by North Carolina’s Fluent. Not only is Retro Future brand new for you and all, it is available for free. Street albums are a dime a dozen these days, but here is one that is worth checking out.

FREE MP3 DL: Fluent’s “Cash Flow”

 photo Fluent_cover_zps02c2eb82.jpg
From the days of Galaga to wondering about the futuristic unknown, Fluent has seen it and hopes to see more in the years ahead. This North Carolina MC will be releasing the album RetroFuture next week Tuesday, and this song is a mere taste of it. It’s called “Cash Flow”, which may very well be about the money he desires, or that his flow is “cash money”, worthy of you taking time to listen. Also worth your time is the production of 9th Wonder, who produced this and RetroFuture in full. The album will also feature contributions from J. Cardim, SpaceGhostPurp, and Royce da 5’9. For now, take a slice of the “Flow”, which you may download for free, while supplies last.

REVIEW: Project Pat & Nasty Mane’s “Belly On Full 2”

Photobucket With lyrics that talk about “pussy juice drippin’ down her ass”, you know it has to be guttural and when it is, it can only be from the mind and base of Project Pat. He and Nasty Mane are all about smoking choice weed, drinking, watching women dance, and the exchange of vaginal secretions, and they talk about this in Belly On Full 2 (Select-O-Hits/Money Train).

Over 16 tracks, both Pat and Mane head to the club, walk out, go back to the club, head somewhere else, and then just camp out at the club before they realize they should just put some mailboxes out front and call the club home. In their world, it’s all about partying, insuring that the weed is good and the joints are tightly rolled, and if you are a woman and raunchy as hell, then you are a “Ratchet Bish”. That lady not making the rounds? They talk about it in “Fuck A Bish”. When there’s good times, anything and everything is plentiful because they are Project Pat and Nasty Mane. Musically, the tracks are produced by Crazy Mike and Lil Awree, some songs done individually while one is a collaboration between the two. No samples, just solid drum machines, sequences, keyboards, and marijuana smoke.

Away from the partying and penetration, they’re both able to “thank God, the Father, for His Son Jesus who died on the cross and his alive today and thru accepting this we are Saved.” I’m sure if Jesus returned, Project Pat and Nasty Man would offer him some choice weed, some hooch, and fly coochie. Until then, one can listen to this and get high over the possibility of a spiritual buttfuck party with Jesus as a witness.