BOOK’S FOODIE: Japanized Spaghetti? Recipe for “wafu pasuta”

Spaghetti was my formal introduction to Italian food, and I would love to explore more styles of Italian food, perhaps with a trip to Italy one day. I love spaghetti, and I also enjoy it when I hear about different cultures mixing up different styles of cooking to create a dish. I’ve never heard of Japanese spaghetti, but is it possible? Obviously, anything is possible but it’s another thing to see that anything turned into something, or a bit of reality. Richard Blaine of the MrEZCooking Channel on YouTube has a number of fine videos featuring him cooking delicious-looking dishes, which must be even more tasty in person and this one sparked my interest. It’s someting he calls “wafu pasuta”, and he gets more in detail on the page for the video. I must try to make this someday.